What is a Green Witch?

What is a Green Witch?

In a world where technology often takes center stage, there's a growing desire among many to reconnect with the natural world and tap into its mystical energies. This desire has led to the resurgence of an ancient practice known as green witchcraft. Green witches, also called garden witches and forest witches, are practitioners who harness the power of nature and use it to enhance their lives, promote healing, and foster a deeper connection with the environment. In this beginner's guide, we'll explore what a green witch is, how to become one, and what activities you might engage in as you embark on this magical journey.

What is a Green Witch?

A green witch is someone who practices a form of witchcraft that revolves around the natural world. Unlike witches who focus on rituals and spells, green witches work in harmony with the earth, plants, animals, and the seasons. They believe that every element of nature has its own unique energy, and they strive to tap into these energies to promote balance and well-being. Green witches are also often characterised by their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly living, advocating for environmental preservation.

What are the Differences Between a Green Witch and a Hedge Witch?

Green witches primarily focus on nature and herbal magic, while hedge witches have a broader range of magical practices, including divination and spirit work. Green witches emphasise their connection to the natural world, while hedge witches are often associated with traveling between the physical and spiritual realms. Green witchcraft centers on herbs and natural elements, while hedge witchcraft is more eclectic and individualistic. Both paths may overlap, as modern witchcraft is diverse and adaptable.

What are Some Signs I Might be a Green Witch?

Determining whether you are a green witch or have a strong affinity for green witchcraft involves introspection, self-discovery, and a deep connection with the natural world. Some signs that may indicate you are a green witch are:

  • You feel a strong connection to nature and find peace outdoors.
  • You're drawn to plants, and intuitively understanding their properties.
  • You have an interest in herbs, their healing potential - you may already study herbalism!
  • You sense energy shifts and feel calm in natural surroundings.
  • You love to garden
  • You prioritise eco-friendly living and sustainability
  • You're drawn to natural healing methods
  • You've experienced meaningful nature coincidences 
  • You deeply empathise with the Earth and support environmental causes

How to be a Green Witch

Study and Learn

The first step on your journey to becoming a green witch is to immerse yourself in the study of nature and its many facets. Read witchcraft books on herbalism, natural magic, and ecology. Learn about the properties and uses of various plants, trees, and herbs. Understanding the natural world is essential for a green witch, as it forms the foundation of their practice.

Connect with Nature

Green witches spend a significant amount of time outdoors, forging a deep bond with the environment. Take regular nature walks, sit by a river, or simply spend time in your garden. This connection with nature will help you attune to its energies and gain a better understanding of the cycles and rhythms of the earth.

Create an Altar

Green witches often have altars that reflect their connection to nature. Gather natural elements such as stones, crystals, feathers, and leaves to create your altar. You can also include symbols of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) to represent the balance and harmony found in nature.

Work with Herbs

Working with herbs is a fundamental aspect of green witchcraft. Learn about the magickal properties of herbs and their benefits. Grow your own herb garden and start experimenting with herbal remedies, teas, and potions. Be sure to research and respect the sustainability of the plants you use.

Activites for Aspiring Green Witches

So, you've got some ways to dip your toe into green witchcraft, but what activities can further this journey? We've compiled a few ideas to help:

Celebrate Nature's Rhythms

Green witches honor the changing seasons and lunar phases with rituals and celebrations. Mark the solstices, equinoxes, and moon cycles on your calendar and plan meaningful rituals to connect with these natural rhythms. We have a handy guide to Southern Hemisphere Sabbat dates here.

Divination and Spirituality

Many green witches practice divination techniques like scrying with water or crystals, reading tarot cards, or communing with nature spirits through other divination practices. These practices help deepen your connection with the unseen energies of the Earth and the universe.

Eco-Conscious Living

Being a green witch is not just about magical practices but also about adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle! Reduce your environmental footprint, practice sustainable living, and advocate for environmental preservation.

As you embark on your journey to become a green witch, remember that it is a personal path of self-discovery and connection with the natural world. Green witchcraft is a beautiful way to deepen your bond with the Earth and harness its ancient wisdom for personal growth and healing. Stay curious, keep learning, and let the magic of nature guide you on this enchanting adventure. May your path as a green witch be filled with wonder, balance, and harmony with the world around you.

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