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Celebrate Spring With Tragic Bountiful!

Tragic Beautiful is becoming Tragic Bountiful to celebrate the arrival of Spring this September! But what's a celebration without giving our Tragics a free witchy gift? Read on to find out how we can all grow and bloom together!


The joy of spring is in the air in our little corner of the Earth! Spring is the season of rebirth, blooming flowers, and the chill of winter fading to reveal luscious, verdant fields. Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, falls on the 21st-23rd of September in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning that now is the time to sow your seeds and grow in tune with the nature surrounding you.

To join in the celebration of new beginnings, we wanted to follow the path of the green witch: a practice centred on the power of nature and self-sustainability so that we can learn to flourish even in tougher times. That's why Tragic Beautiful is becoming Tragic Bountiful this September!

Photograph of 2 people dressed in black gothic witchy clothing with black platform boots. They are both holding plants in pots and are standing in a garden with a picnic displayed at their feet.


With every $40 you spend, you will earn a packet of mystery seeds. $40 earns one packet, $80 earns 2, and so on. Each of these seeds will sprout a herb or flower with powerful magickal properties for use in a wide variety of potions, poultices, and other crafts. These are the seeds you could find in your order include:

Each packet will contain a QR code linking you to an informative blog about your plant, including its folklore, its magickal properties, ideas for how to use it and (most importantly!) how to properly nurture its growth from seed to bloom. The seeds are picked at random so every order will be a sweet spring surprise!

Unfortunately, due to quarantine laws, we are unable to send these seeds to Western Australia, Tasmania or internationally. But don't worry, we aren't going to let you guys miss out!

Instead, WA, TAS and international customers will receive a packet of Persephone's Return, a limited-edition blend of spring herbs for you to use in rituals, poultices, burn with incense or use offerings to Spring deities.

Make sure you share your budding gardens with everyone by using the tag #tragicbountiful and keep us updated on your home grown apothecary!

If you're a little impatient waiting for your seeds to grow, all of the plants are available as dried herbs in our witch herbs collection. It's a great chance to practice your craft before your own herbs are ready!

Happy planting, Tragics!

Photograph of a hand in a black lace glove pouring seeds from a Tragic Bountiful seed packet into a glass goblet filled with dirt. A picnic setting is displayed in the background.

Please note: a limit of 5 seeds are able to be earned in a single order.

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