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How to Grow Lavender & its Magickal Properties

Learn the mystical properties of this heavenly scented member of the mint family including how to enhance your dream magick and get a good night's sleep!


Live, laugh, lavender. This popular flower is beloved for its calming scent, conjuring images of cottage living and fields lush with purple blooms. A member of the mint family, lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and northern Africa and blooms under the hot summer sun. The lovely lavender we offer at Tragic Beautiful is English lavender, or "true lavender", scientific name lavandula angustifolia, which we also have available as a pre packaged, dried herb for rituals and spellcraft here.

Photograph of lavender growing in a field. Photograph has been edited with a slight blur and grain with a vignette to the edges. Original photography by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Magickal uses: Love, protection, sleep, purification, happiness and peace

Plant me: In a greenhouse or under a heat lamp, during Spring

Water me: Regularly, keeping the soil moist but not over watered

Safe for: Humans, but can be toxic to cats and dogs!

Edible: Most varieties of lavender can be used in cooking, including lavandula angustifolia. The leaves and stems of these plants can be used for culinary purposes, with the flowers giving a subtly sweet, citrus flavour.


Lavender has been used throughout history for its beautiful scent, ancient Romans would use the blooms to perfume their bathwater and wash their clothes. This is where we get the English name for lavender: lavare is the Latin verb "to wash". Lavender was once associated with prostitutes, who would wear essential oil to advertise their profession and lure potential customers with its magickal attractive properties. It's also a tradition in Tuscany to pin a sprig of lavender to your shirt to ward off the evil eye.


  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air

Lavender offers a versatile range of magickal properties, including love, protection, sleep, purification, happiness and peace.

Wear a sprig of lavender or lavender essence on your person to attract love, or include it in love spells to attract a partner.

Use it for aromatherapy to induce peaceful sleep and relaxation by placing a sachet under or beside your pillow. Lavender flowers are edible, meaning they can be used in calming teas.

Bathing with lavender, as the Romans once did, will purify your body and spirit and is an asthmatic friendly and relaxing alternative to smoke cleansing before performing rituals and ceremonies.


Photograph of a bundle of lavender on a white background. Photograph has been edited with a slight blur and grain with a vignette to the edges. Original photography by volant on Unsplash

Rejoice all you witches in apartments or units, because lavender lives just as happily in pots as it does in the ground! It can take between one and three months before you see shoots of lavender in your garden though, so patience is key.

Lightly cover your seeds in non-acidic soil and keep moist, avoiding over watering. Lavender prefers warmer temperatures so plant your seeds in spring and start them off in a greenhouse or under a heat lamp if you live in a cooler climate. Avoid planting in clay soil and ensure your seeds have adequate drainage. If you live in a humid climate, feed your budding lavender blooms compost or slow-release fertiliser to keep it happy. Please keep in mind that while lavender is safe for humans, it can be toxic for both cats and dogs.

Put in the hard work and you'll be rewarded with beautiful purple blooms and an all-natural air freshener!

We referenced Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs in this article, both of which are available for purchase.



Photography by Annie Spratt and volant