Corporate Goth - Spooky Chic For Office Creeps

Corporate Goth - Spooky Chic For Office Creeps


Are you a goth on the grind? You’ve gotta work that spooky butt off to afford that darkly delicious wardrobe after all! It’s just a pity you can’t show it off in the office - dress codes can be restrictive and some managers have this weird idea that someone wearing platform boots is incapable of closing a business deal. Well excuse me, sir, but I’d like to see how well you can climb the corporate ladder in a pair of Swing 815s!

Still, you might be surprised at what you can get away with! Take another look at those dress codes, you can definitely sneak a spooky accessory or two into your corporate wardrobe!

If you’re currently suffering in boring business wear and not sure how to spice it up, here’s a few pointers on how put your personality back into your office wardrobe.


Offices should honestly feel blessed to have us around - black is the most professional colour there is! A fitted blouse is an absolute must as it can be easily paired with skirts and pants across all seasons, plus they’re super easy to find in black. For something deceptively subtle, pop on the Bat Wing Blouse! It’s super flattering and the bat wing collar will make your colleagues do a double take!

Pencil skirts and dresses are a corporate classic, and the Bayonet Pencil Skirt comes with faux leather deets to show the office who’s really in charge! If you’re after something a little fancier, the Isolde Midi Skirt comes complete with filigree velvet patterning that looks amazing with sleek heels and a floaty blouse.

If you want to mix it up, pinstripes are a classic pattern that screams professional, and Killstar recently came out with a collection of gorgeous pinstripes that you can easily take to work! If you work in a more accommodating office, take it to the next level with the quirky Devil Wears Stripes Skirt and a plain black or white blouse underneath.


When looking at shoes, think about how long you’re going to be on your feet.  If you’re someone who can pull 8 hours in heels, the DOLLY-50 heels are a classic Mary Jane with a small platform and curved statement heel-they’re super versatile to style and even the most conservative manager would have a hard time saying no to these! If you’re not a heels person, the SPRITE-03 Mary Janes and the DAISY-07 flats are super comfy alternatives with a few extra charms! As for boots, the WARLOCK series are an excellent unisex style with some even coming with bat or coffin buckles. A pair of simple creepers can also slide in a welcoming office and don't forget a cute set of socks as a final subtle touch.


The best rule to start off with is to test the waters by keeping it small. Keep it simple with some cute studs and smaller pendants like the RIP Rose Pendant. Cufflinks and small pins are another subtle way to let your inner spook shine through, whether you’re pinning them to your collar, pocket or tie. If you’re a travelling Corpgoth, a large messenger bag like the Bondage Satchel by Restyle provides plenty room for your laptop and papers while looking badass!


If you're a lucky goth that gets to work via distance, make your home office a corp goth haven! Spice up your stationary with a witchy notebook or a skeleton pen to make clients think you're writing up a grimoire for them during Zoom calls. Pop your office plant in a cheeky plant pot or use it as a creepy pen holder. Plus, who needs boring old shelves when you can store your books and papers in a coffin shelf?


If you can’t alter your wardrobe or simply want to add a pinch of spook to every aspect of your office experience, be sure to bring in other essentials! Think travel cups with pentagrams for your drive through coffee or bring in a cauldron mug to ensure your colleagues know that this is MY COFFEE, GREG. 

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