How To Style Your Coffin Shelf

How To Style Your Coffin Shelf

So you've snagged one of our wicked large or small coffin shelves, nice one! But such an enticing blank canvas can be overwhelming: "what do I do with it?", you may be asking. Where do I put it? What the heck do I even put in there???

Worry not! If you're stuck for inspo, here's a few of our fave shelf setups to get you started! 

Give your glittering pretties the glamorous display they deserve! Our large shelves are super sturdy, holding our large amethyst and celestite clusters (which make excellent bookends!) with ease. Keep your crystal collection handy next to your altar or show them off to create a focal point in your lounge!

A coffin shelf is a kitchen witch's best friend, because who needs a pantry when you've got a coffin? Sort our your herbs and spices, show off your favourite tea sets and keep your cooking tools together! All of our shelves come with a sawtooth hook ready to hang, so you can add some extra storage if you don't have overhead cabinets.

Want to add a touch of green to your room? Love plants but manage to kill every one you've ever owned? No worries, here's your excuse to assemble a butt-load of fake plants and create a stunning statement piece! Dress them up with quirky plant pots and garden decor to bring a hint of nature into your bedroom. It's super easy and you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water anything!

Our large coffin shelves are the perfect height to use as bedside tables! Store your night time reads, keep your dream journal by your side and complete the setup with a statement lamp!

How do you style your coffin? Tag us with #tragicbeautiful on insta and Tiktok to show off your Tragic decor!

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