Meet The Artist: Death By Piss

Meet The Artist: Death By Piss

We caught up with Brisbane tattoo artist Laura AKA Death By Piss to chat about art, tattooing, demon girls & the inspiration behind the name!

An ode to tattoo culture, demon girls, dedication, and one hell of a name: Meet Laura - AKA DEATH BY PISS

To say we've been excited to announce that Brisbane Tattoo Artist Laura has added her gorgeous art works to our shelves would be an understatement! With an unbridled talent for dark realism portraiture and design, Laura's dedication to the art form is indisputable.

Laura and her sweet kitty cat Ruby came by Tragic HQ to talk about all things tattooing, artistic inspirations and the origin of Death By Piss. 

Brisbane Tattooist Death By Piss with her A4 Art Prints at Tragic Beautiful

How long have you been a tattoo artist? What inspired you to begin tattooing?

I’ve been a tattoo artist for about five years I think? I’ve been in the industry since 2014 with my first apprenticeship. I was originally a portrait artist and would draw customs for people just for fun, but I always thought tattooing would be the coolest thing ever. I grew up watching a lot of LA ink and Miami ink, like an ungodly amount - as soon as I left school at 15 I studied art and would lurk the local tattoo shops and ask for tips and drawing advice.

Do you have a favourite tattoo you’ve done so far in your career? What is it?

Honestly I have a new favourite each month haha, it’s always a demon girl though, they’re honestly my favourite thing to tattoo. Most people will hear “oh my god this is my new favourite” at the end of a session - I have such a good time with my clients, it’s hard to not fall in love with each piece a little bit.

A4 Art Prints by Brisbane Tattooist Laura 'Death By Piss'

What style of tattooing do you do? What is your favourite art style and where do you get your inspo from?

I think it’s classed as stylised realism? Dark realism/neo trad? It’s a bit a of weird mix. When I was younger I took a lot of inspiration from my favourite artists Mark Ryden, Michael hussar and Del Kathryn Barton - I’ve always loved drawing beautiful sad women and they way they put so much life and expression into their eyes - it’s hard to not feel inspired.

Now days my inspiration comes heavily from Instagram and my friends.

How did you come up with the name Death By Piss? What inspired the name?

Hahaha honestly it was just a joke, there’s a couple different reasons - but the real and less gross reason is; in 2017 I sold my first portrait to Goth Charlotte and it really ignited my drive to take my art more seriously, the piece was called “Death By Piss”. 

She filled me with a lot of self worth and confidence in my art, so I named my new account after the drawing of her. My convention banners are always portraits of her as a way for me to pay homage.

Dark Traditional A4 Art Print By Brisbane Tattooist Laura Death By Piss
You’ve created some BEAUTIFUL art works of people we know and love here at Tragic! Do you take commissions for portraits?

Omg thankyou! As if I wouldn’t!! I’m so glad you like them, that makes me so happy, of course, my commissions are always open.

What has been the most memorable moment for you in your tattooing career so far? Do you have any insane stories?

I’m trying to narrow down something wholesome right now, but out of every studio I’ve ever worked - I am always the artist that attracts the strangest requests and clients hahaha.
I’ve tattooed a guys severed thumb, and old couples genitals and a couple of dicks.

Tragic Beautiful Marketing Manager Brydie Brakels with Laura AKA Death By Piss Tattoo at Tragic Beautiful
What advice do you have for anyone who is wanting to get a tattoo but aren’t sure where to start?

I’d say have a lurk and find an artist best suited to what you’re after. Ask if you’re able to come in for a consult and just do it!

For everyone who is in love with your art, where can we find you tattooing?

I’m doing guest spots around Qld, but for now I’m currently guesting at a new private studio in Stones Corner called Fire and Iron Tattoo, for all bookings just DM me on Instagram - @deathbypiss_tattoo

Want to see more of Laura's art? Check out her A4 Prints available for sale now here.


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