What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?

What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?

Dying to just change your hair colour but unsure what shade is best for you? We've got you covered!

Dying to just change your hair colour but unsure what shade is best for you? We've got you covered!

Deciding on the best colour to dye your hair can be as thrilling as it is daunting, especially when you're considering bold and vibrant options. If you've ever found yourself pondering the question, "What bright colour should I dye my hair? How do I know what shade is right for me before I make the leap?" – you're not alone. The canvas of your hair holds the potential to become a statement of your personality, and there's a kaleidoscope of shades waiting to be explored.

It's crucial to remember that the path to finding your ideal hair colour isn't one-size-fits-all. Factors ranging from your skin undertone to your natural hair shade and even the overall health of your locks all play a role in discovering the hair color that will truly make you shine. 

Read on to find out your perfect hair colour match, recommended by our in house qualified hair expert (me!). 

Hair Health 

Now, before you let that colour brush anywhere NEAR your scalp, we need to cross the T's and dot the I's of your hair health. Hair dying is some serious business, and if you're taking on the task of being your own hair stylist - here are a few dot points to consider:

  • Do a test strand, always! Before lightening your hair to colour, or using any hair dye that you haven't used prior, it's always recommended to snip a few strands from the underside of your hair, taping the hair down on some aluminum foil and applying the colour or bleach to it. Allow this to sit for the recommended development time and then rinse it off - this will give you a good idea of whether your hair is healthy enough to colour and if the shade of dye is what you want.
  • Only lighten (bleach) once in one session! Sorry to be boring, but if it doesn't lighten to your ideal shade in the first bleaching session, you'll need to let it cool off and repair before going in again with bleach, I promise - it's better in the long run!
  • Double up on colouring product if its porous - if you feel like every time you colour your hair it gets patchy or fades out immediately, I recommend doubling up on the dyes you use so you can milk it completely through the ends and get better coverage! (My hair is VERY porous, so I usually get 3 tubs of Manic Panic to be sure I've covered all my hair from roots to ends, with some to spare to top up the colour). 

Ready to find your perfect shade now? Let's go!

Best Vibrant Hair Colour For Cool Skin Tones 

When it comes to cool skin tones, we want shades that compliment and brighten the blue undertones of your skin! If it's mermaid hair colour you're chasing, sea shades are the way to go; I recommend the classic Atomic Turquoise Classic Colour from Manic Panic and Aurora Aqua Blue Hair Dye from Mermaid Salon! If you're wanting a subtle pop of colour for pre-lightened hair, I happily recommend Amethyst Ashes High Voltage Classic Colour by Manic Panic, this cool shade compliments and brightens cool skin tones! If pink is your colour of choice, Hot Hot Pink is the perfect pink hair dye for you!  If it's the dark side you're chasing - Smoke Screen Hair Colour from Manic Panic is a gorgeous deep ash hair dye, or if you're wanting a pop of red - Infra Red Classic Colour is a delicious deep cool mahogany - perfect for complimenting cool skin tones! 
 Best Hair Dye for Cool Skin Tones

 Best Vibrant Hair Colours for Warm Skin Tones

 Finding the perfect hair colour for warm skin tone can be tough when you don't know what you're looking for! (Take it from me, it took me years of soul searching to find mine). If you're chasing the blues - Voodoo Blue from Manic Panic is a MUST! If that shade feels a little dark for you, Poseidon Hair Colour from Arctic Fox is the way to go. If you're after a show stopping copper, Dreamsicle Creamtone Colour is the perfect shade of orange for you! If it's a pink you're chasing - Cleo Rose from Manic Panic has a gorgeous balance of depth and brightness to compliment your skin tone! Knock 'em dead with red with Red Passion from Manic Panic, this colour looks incredible whether you're coloring over light blonde, dark blonde or brown! If you're wanting to add some depth to your hair, the Coco Colour Masque by Nak is a delicious rich brown - ideal for complementing warm skin tones! 

Best Hair Dye for Warm Skin Tones

Best Vibrant Hair Colour for Neutral Skin Tones

If you've got a neutral skin tone, the world is your oyster when it comes to hair colour! My favourite colour to recommend for people with a neutral skin tone is Electric Banana by Manic Panic! This bright yellow pairs perfectly with neutral skin and  As far as pink goes, brighten up your complexion with Cotton Candy Pink from Manic Panic. If red is your colour of choice, Pillarbox Red Classic Colour will have you stopping traffic. When blue is your colour of choice, Bad Boy Blue from Manic Panic is as bright as it is delicious! Mystic Heather Classic Colour is a must when it comes to purple hair dye for neutral skin tones and of course for copper hair, we can't skip past Psychdelic Sunset by Manic Panic!  

Best Hair Colour For Neutral Skin Tones

I hope this guide helped you find what vibrant hair dye shade is perfect for you! Browse our collection of hair dye here, and if you have any questions message our Live Chat on the site, or slide into or DM's on Instagram & Facebook

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