Tragic's Top Winter Warmers | Gothic Winter Clothing

Tragic's Top Winter Warmers | Gothic Winter Clothing

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Winter may technically be a month away but we’re already feeling its chilly bite! We’re not stressed though: what we lose in the mini skirts and tank tops of summer we gain in fluffy sweaters and toasty trackies! If you want to make the most of the season of freeze in the spookiest way possible, check out some of the best winter warmers you can find right here at Tragic Beautiful: 


Winter is the best time to play with layers and flatter your flesh prison! You can’t beat the versatility of a good knit, with all the comfort and warmth of a hoodie that pairs well with leggings, jeans and maxi skirts. Killstar’s hooded sweaters come in all the colours of the goth rainbow but our personal fave has to be the pumpkin spice Bootiful Hooded Sweater for maximising yer warm goth charm.

Mary Wyatt Spinnerette Joggers

If you’re feeling a little more casual, pairing a sweater with jeans is a classic, like the slightly cropped Medusa Slouchy Sweater and cutout Touched by Darkness Sweater. If you’re determined not to leave your crypt, you can’t beat a combo of snuggly sweatpants and a huggable hoodie: our faves are defs the Spinnerette Sweatpants and wicked velvet Mind Melt Joggers, which you can pair with the long af Killstar Dispare Asymmetrical Hoodie or the Night Terror Oversized Hoodie.


Killstar Dark Side of the Moon Hat and Just Wing It Earmuffs with wings.

Don’t forget to complement your outfit with cosy trimmings! Keep your head toasty (and hide a bad hair day) with a good hat: the Darkside of the Moon trapper hat our Brydie’s favourite fluffy statement piece, or choose a two in one accessory with the Hibernation Hooded Scarf! For those of you who live in colder areas, turn heads with the Just Wing It Earmuffs (every pair of earmuffs should come with built in wings, honestly).

Keep yer hands free and nimble with cute gloves like the Widow’s Web Armwarmers in green or black from Punk Rave: the slashes and spiderweb mesh are totally extra deets every winter punk needs! Add to yer mallgoth wardrobe with classic striped arm warmers in acid green or pumpkin orange or keep it simple with the Killstar Moody Fingerless Gloves.

Killstar Purr Off Over Knee Socks in plum and nlack

If you’re not a fan of long pants, keep yer leggies snug with statement pieces like the split Ella Tights and the mystical Believe in Magic tights.  Casual chic thigh-high socks like the Pact and Purr Off socks take you from “lazy day in” to “cute skirt companion” in a snap while the Wretched Soul Distress socks come in blackwhite, red, purple, bluegrey and orange to offer the 3 in one stunner of fishnets, stripes AND distressed details!


Black Demonia Camel-311 fluffy knee high boots

Let’s talk shoes-it’s time to put your sandals and slides on hiatus because winter is boot season, baby! Start by keeping your tootsies toasty with a special spotlight on the ultimate goth winter boots: the Camel-311s. The faux suede and faux fur trims make these ‘90s glam babies super warm while being light and easy to walk in. Choose from black, white, pastel pink and camel to suit every shade of the gothic rainbow! Our other fave Demonia knee highs to beat the chill have to be the Damned-318s, a comfortable flatform that comes in everything from holo silver to soft velvet.

To well and truly smash the winter game, you can’t get better than a stompy pair of thigh highs. The Shaker-374s and Shaker 350s feature a comfortable wedge and those who prefer flat boots will absolutely die for the versatile Emily 375s. For something a little spicier, the Emily 377s come with removable and mix n match bondage straps!

Demonia Camel-300 wide calf comparison

Plus, crowd faves like the Camel 300s, Swing 815s and Shaker 65s now come in wide calf versions! Inclusive winter warmers all the way!

Enjoy our winter recs and be sure to check out our dedicated winter range of men's and women's winter clothing here.

Stay toasty, Tragics!

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