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YouPay works by creating a sharable link: you can send a single item from the product page or you can send a cart with multiple items from the cart summary page.

YouPay uses of the same payment methods we offer, including card, Paypal and buy now pay later options like Afterpay, Zip, Klarna & more!

YouPay is available in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Keep an eye on this space if your location isn't listed yet ;)

Absolutely! All YouPay links are encrypted and the Payer (person buying the items) never sees the Shopper’s (person receiving items) name or address.

Yes! If you are the Shopper, the order is connected to your account, meaning you earn points as you would with any other order you make.

Your cart link expires after 24 hours! If your cart wasn't bought, just generate a new link

At the moment it's just all or nothing - don't let that stop you though! You can always make a heap of different links of various carts to share - you could use your account wishlists to keep track of them :)

YouPay is a venture funded Australian business lead by a team of industry experts.

Check out the YouPay website for more FAQ's and support!