Update your altar

Update your altar

Changing up your altar layout and the symbolic items you use in spell work can really enhance your magical focus, as it helps to prevent the lack of focus that can come with repetitive or familiar workings. The first time you begin a new ritual, you feel the energy charge of newness and having no familiarity with it means all your actions are mindful and deliberate. Changing the details of workings you do most can reignite that charge and refresh your focus in a way only a new spell can. 

Use of colour in altar magic

One of the most important aspects of altar setup (for me, anyway) is how to symbolically use colours for meaning in spells. Do you attract money with green candles, a piece of raw jade, or perhaps a bunch of moonlight-picked basil? I like to alternate between meaningful objects like charged raw green stones or my topaz wand, and items picked from my organic garden.  Colours are important to focus and intent, and the proof is in how different you feel lying outside on the grass in the sunlight to when you're out there working the full moon.

coloured spell candles

Updating your altar layout can improve your magical focus

The other important aspect for me is how much the layout and symbolic object choices help me focus on what I'm trying to achieve. I don't have a great attention span and I get bored easily, so updating this layout and the items I use periodically, including the resin blends that enhance the mood and aid specific focus, really helps me with this aspect. If you find you have trouble maintaining focus on spells you do often, try lighting some incense to change the atmosphere.

elemental resin blends

Herbal alchemy for ritual work

Likewise, herbal alchemy can help refresh your magickal senses.  In the deep of winter here in the southern hemisphere, casting a handful of fireside blend onto a charcoal disk instantly warms and lifts the mood. Or to alert the senses, use peppermint or willow bark before you begin your ritual.

herbal alchemy fireside blend

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