Garage Ink shoot with Evil Eye Cosmetics

Garage Ink shoot with Evil Eye Cosmetics

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Evil Eye Cosmetics is a Tragic Beautiful x Mermaid Salon creation by Melanie Cramond and Fanny Barlow. Read about our new brand here!

We were offered the awesome opportunity to shoot for Evil Eye Cosmetics at Garage Ink Manor on the Qld Gold Coast hinterland. The famous tattoo studio is owned and run by Teneile Napoli, the incredibly talented tattoo artist who has stacked her studio with so many talented and gorgeous babes. The location is awe inspiring and it's no wonder so much creative work comes out of it. Here's a quick virtual tour from my weekend, from when Fanny and I arrived on the Friday and immediately set out to explore:

With 8 gorgeous models, makeup artists, videographer and team, photographer, catering, and various other people that needed to be organised, we sadly didn't have a lot of time to relax and enjoy the surrounds on Saturday morning.  Kelly from Bliss in a Box arrived with 3 platters worth of food, arranged like artworks.

Garage Ink has their own in-house photographer, the multi-talented Heidi (@novablooming) who was not only happy to shoot for the campaign, but modelled for us too! I hadn't worked with Heidi before, but after watching her for a few minutes it was clear the pics from this shoot were going to blow us away.



Foxsette and Belle Beatrice worked as makeup artists for us and were fantastic. They both adored the Evil Eye range and you can see in the pics they really had a blast doing these looks. Check out some of the video of everyone getting made up and ready:

It was a long day, full of shooting the incredible artists of Garage Ink. Teneile, Sami, Heidi, Briar, Tayler, Juannita, Mikki, Heidi and Castelle.

Karl from Torn parachute has documented the shoot and we will have that released shortly!

We had such an incredible stay at the manor for this shoot. The building was purpose built for Teneile and both the view of the Gold Coast hinterland and the rooms filled with interesting curios and gothic art are just amazing.  

Teneile Napoli

Photographed by: Heidi @novablooming

Directed by Fanny @mermaid_salon_  &  Mel @tragicb

For Evil Eye Cosmetics @3vil3ye

Available at:

Tragic Beautiful

Mermaid Salon

Location was Garage Ink Manor on the Gold Coast Hinterlands @garageinkmanor

Teneile @teneile_napoli (owner of garage ink and incredible enough to host us and all our team, and participate in the shoot for us)

Heidi @novablooming

Tayler @tayler_creator

Juannita @juannita_t

Sami @atkinssami

Mikki @mikkiatkins_


Castelle @stelly_88

Makeup artist @sabellllam

Makeup artist @amyfoxsette

Videographer Karl Bouro of Torn Parachute

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