Celebrating Litha in 2024

Celebrating Litha in 2024

Here’s a few ways you can join in the Litha festivities, Aussie Witch Style!


One of the most important holidays on the Wheel of the Year, Litha is the celebration of the Summer Solstice in which celebrations last from the 21st to the 23rd of December in the Southern Hemisphere. Mother Nature is at her strongest along with the Sun which will shine on the longest day of the year, so it’s time to celebrate this time of joy and plenty!

Here’s a few ways you can join in the festivities, Aussie Witch Style!


The colours of Litha are red, gold and green; celebrating the heat of the summer and the bounty of seasonal fruits. Luckily, these match up with traditional Christmas decorations so be sure to take some liberties with the abundance of coloured napery available at this time of year to throw over tables, couches and hang as tapestries at home. Weave wreathes from wattle or other native plants to display on around the house and carry with you during rituals.


One would traditionally leap through the bonfire to celebrate Litha but many states institute a blanket fire ban due to the risk of bushfires. A bit of a buzzkill, but Australians are all too familiar with the danger of the dry season. Instead, why not have a good old Aussie barbeque with family and friends? Revel with your loved ones with a wholesome cookout, or a picnic if you don’t have access to a grill and take to chance to reground yourself in nature. A refreshing dip in the ocean is always on the cards for Aussie witches too!


While fire is a core part of Litha, some blanket fire bands mean that no open flames are allowed at all-meaning no candles, burning charcoal-not even sparklers! Fire can still be represented by red coloured items such as tapestries and altar tools while flammable items can be substituted. Vessels of water can hold your herbs and you can even get creative with cellophane over torches if you need a light source in the evening.

Love magic is at its strongest during Litha, making it ideal to cast spells of friendship and strengthening familial bonds at this time. Choose native plants to incorporate into your spells and celebrate native bounty, such as eucalyptus and Sturt’s Desert Pea. Weave native plants into garlands for your hair and use this time to replenish your stock of herbs and prepare them for drying.

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