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November 3, 2021

Simple Cord Cutting Spells


It's time to let go and move on from that one person whose dug their nails into your ankles and dragged you down with them.

A cord is considered to be an outside influence that connects you to another person. Communication between two people might end but the negative energy may be left behind. These cords can often increase negative emotions such as anger and frustration and can cause someone to feel anxious or depressed. These cords tend to pull you towards self-destructive tendencies.

Cord Cutting (or removal) is a spiritual practice that servers or removes the energy cord between two people. Sometimes someone's negative energy is bringing you down and you want to be rid of it. These rituals will help you let go and move on from that person you need to.

The best times to do a cord cutting or cord removal include: 

  • Divorce or break up
  • Falling out with a friend
  • The death of someone
  • After a fight or disagreement
  • After a vehicle or other type of accident
  • Surgery
  • A challenging time in your life
  • Sickness
  • Or any time you are ready to start fresh in life

The new moon is a particularly good time to utilise a cord cutting spell as it is a time of new beginnings. It is important to note that cutting or removing a cord does not remove the person from your life, just the negativity from that person. This is particularly helpful in work or family situations where you may not be able to avoid the person, but do not want to carry their negative energy or baggage. 

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Candle Cord Cutting Ritual

C'est La Vie Spell

The Altar


C'est la vie spell ritual

The Ritual

  1. Place your two spell candles next to each other on top of a plate with some distance between the two.
  2. Wrap twine between the tops of both candles, making it so they both are connecting.
  3. Light both candles at the same time and watch the Twine burn between them. One candle represents you, and the other represents the person you're cutting ties with.
  4. Watch the candle as it burns. This burning will represent the relationship you had also, so pay close attention & make sure to watch the candles and twine completely burn.
  5. Dispose of the burnt twine afterwards and the candle that represented them.

Craft Cord Cutting Spell

If you're one of those people that would prefer to utilise their own hands to cut the cord, this spell is for you.

The Altar

  • Paper or scrapbook (alternatively you can use pictures of you and the other person)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Twine or sewing thread

The Ritual

  1. Take your sewing thread and tie a big knot in the middle to represent the pain and burden of this relationship
  2. Write your name and the other person's name on two separate pieces of paper, if you are artistically inclined, you can draw you and the other person, or have the photos ready.
  3. Tie your name/drawing of yourself/photo of yourself on one side of the thread, and their name/drawing/photo on the other side.
  4. Reflect on the relationship and why you need to cut ties with this person
  5. When you are ready, and feel closure, cut the string, making sure to cut it in a way that leaves the knot with "them". You are leaving the pain of this relationship with them and setting yourself free. 
  6. [Optional] Take their name/drawing/photo and wrap the knotted half of the string around it.
  7. [Optional] After you have bound them, you can flush "them" down the toilet and say your last goodbye as you flush them away. You can alternatively burn the name/drawing/photo or bury it.

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