Mistletoe: Magickal Properties & Uses

Mistletoe: Magickal Properties & Uses

Ho-ho-howdy, did you know that besides being a symbol for Christmas, mistletoe is also utilised in witchcraft practices?

Mistletoe (Viscum Album) is semi-parasitic plant known for its distinctive white berries that has a rich history steeped in folklore and tradition. In various cultures, mistletoe has been revered for its supposed mystical properties, often associated with fertility, protection, and healing. In the realm of witchcraft, mistletoe holds significant symbolic value and is frequently utilised in spells and rituals for a wide variety of intentions.

Curious about mistletoe and it's significance in witchcraft & beyond? Read below to learn more about this powerful herb! 

Mistletoe's Magickal Properties

Mistletoe, revered as an ancient symbol of healing and fertility, possesses a plethora of magical properties, from love and prosperity to warding off negative energies! Known as an all-heal by the Druids, mistletoe holds the power to increase fertility in both humans and animals, making it a potent ingredient in spells aimed at conception and enhancing sexual potency in men. Its reputation as a harbinger of good fortune and guardian against malevolent forces lends itself to spells for attracting luck and warding off evil spirits.


Mistletoe's versatile nature extends to protection magic, where it serves as a potent amulet safeguarding against harm and facilitating success in hunting endeavors. Carrying a mojo bag with mistletoe and a protective crystal such as obsidian in your pocket or handbag may help protect you from harms way. Mistletoe's association with forgiveness and reconciliation makes it a valuable tool in resolving conflicts and fostering harmony in relationships. Mistletoe is a truly multifaced magickal herb, making it a cherished botanical ally in the practice of witchcraft!

It is important to note that mistletoe is toxic and should be kept away from animals and children - if you are after a tea for protection or luck, check out our range of intention teas here including our Guardian Angel Protection Tea & Sitting Pretty Abundance Tea

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Mistletoe's Medicinal Benefits

As we mentioned above, mistletoe is toxic AF - do not ingest this herb and keep it away from animals & children!! Mistletoe has been attributed with various medicinal benefits, although scientific evidence supporting its efficacy is still limited. In alternative medicine, mistletoe extracts have been explored for their potential anticancer properties, with some studies suggesting they may help stimulate the immune system and improve quality of life in cancer patients. Additionally, mistletoe has been used in traditional medicine to treat conditions such as hypertension, epilepsy, and arthritis, although further research is needed to validate these claims. Make sure to consult a healthcare professional before adding any herb to your medicine cabinet - especially mistletoe!

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