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Bad Luck Deterrent

November 11, 2021

Bad Luck Deterrant Spell

Bad Luck has been by every corner it seems, knocking on your windows, tipping over jars, keeping doors unlocked. It's time to grab this bad luck and remove it from your routine, no longer will it plague your life with a simple spell that works like one, two, three.

The Altar

Lemon Verbena | Witchcraft Herbs

Bad luck deterrant spell altar 

The Ritual

  1. This spell would first require a drawstring pouch to be cleansed through incense smoke. This can be done through hovering the bag over the smoke or putting the tip of the stick in the bag and cleanse that way.

  2. Place the small quartz crystal within the pouch first, making your intention of repelling bad luck known through either speaking or manifesting.

  3. Still making your intention known, start sprinkling lemon verbena in with the quartz crystal.

  4. Place the pouch in a pocket or bag and carry it with you to ward off bad luck.