Remove Negative Attachments Spell

Remove Negative Attachments Spell

This spell assists in removing any negative feelings, making the moving forward process easier

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Remove Negative Attachments Spell

If you've lost something in your life recently, an ex-partner has dumped you, or something really embarrassing occurred at your birthday party, this is the spell for you.

This spell can be cast on yourself to assist in removing any negative feelings towards a person, an event, or an object, making the moving forward process alleviated.

This spell is best performed when the moon is in its last quarter phase as this phase promotes removing curses and negativity, allowing people to more easily release and let go. However, this spell can still be effective at any other time. 

The Altar


Remove negative attachments spell altar

The Ritual

  1. Use your selenite wand to cleanse your candle, bringing it to a true neutral so it can effectively take in the attachment. As you cleanse, moving the wand in whatever way feels most natural, repeat the following phrase until you feel you should stop: 

    "Take my anger and my fear,
    take it all and disappear". 

  2. Using an athame, carve the Nordic rune 'mannaz' into the candle whilst repeating the previous phase.

    This rune symbolises mankind, the self, friends, enemies and the social order and will assist in understanding, forgiving and letting go. 

  3. After the rune has been carved, place your candle down and keep the thought of the event in mind. If you feel the need, you can recall the attachment out loud to the candle.

  4. Once you are ready, light the candle and watch it burn. As it burns recite the following:

    "I accept the past, I will move on.
    I forgive and let go, now be gone".  

  5. When you believe it is time, use the snuffer on the candle, but do not let it be removed just yet. Take a deep breath before you lift the snuffer from the candle and watch the smoke float away as you exhale. 

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