New Moon Spells

New Moon Spells

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Spell work around fresh starts, renewal, beginning of projects, businesses and improving mental health are best done under the power of the new moon. Here are our top 4 favourite methods to try out for the upcoming new moon!

New moon - new me

The New Moon comes around the day after the dark moon, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The power and success of your spells are boosted when you work with the energy of the moon; the New Moon is a favourable time to do spellwork around fresh starts, renewal, beginning of projects, businesses and improving mental health. 

Of course, spells can absolutely be performed at any time, it's just that in order to achieve maximum results, performing your spells under particular moon phases will help immensely. Our blog on Full Moon Spells can be found here.

There are many spells you can utilise for the New Moon, below we will show you how to perform a release spell (a great thing for every new moon!), and how to activate your herbs and how to use mojo bags, spell candles & spell baths to cast a spell based on your intentions.

A releasing spell for the New Moon

The new moon is a fantastic time for fresh starts and renewal, so it is vital to release anything that is holding you down and preventing you from moving forward. You can perform this releasing spell by itself or before any other spellwork

What you'll need

  • A pen or pencil

  • A piece of paper

  • Cauldron or fire-safe bowl

  • Lighter, match, candle or other source of fire

The ritual

  1. Write on your piece of paper anything you wish to release - an example could be writing down your ex's name and feelings you want to release

  2. After writing everything out, fold the piece of paper several times and place inside a fire-safe cauldron or bowl.

  3. Using your lighter, match or flame from a candle, light the edges of your paper and watch as the flame burns away everything you wish to release.

  4. Once it is burned to ash, you can either bury the ashes outside or flush them down the toilet. 

New Moon Tea Spell

The new moon is a great time to set your intentions and manifest your goals, we have made it easy to set your intentions with our range of intention teas, whether you are after protection, self-love, happiness, abundance, want to cleanse negative energies or sleep tea for dreamwork & psychic awakening.

You Will Need

  •  Rosemary cleansing stick
  • Black witches salt
  • Your chosen intention from our Queen of Cups Intention Tea range
  • Teacup or mug
  • Teapot & tea strainer or tea infuser

The Ritual

  • Cleanse your space and yourself by burning your Rosemary smudge stick and say aloud:

    “I cleanse this area and my spirit of all malicious energy”.

  • Cast a protective, enclosed circle around your tea preparation area with your black witches’ salt
  • Boil your water, meditate, and envision letting go of all your worries, doubts and anything that is holding you back.
  • Hold your intention tea blend in your hands, recite the herbs, and ask for its assistance in bringing its intention into your life aloud, e.g.,

    Rose petals, aid my love and protect my heart”

  • Infuse your blend with the boiled water and focus on your intentions.
  • Once your tea is ready, sit outside or by your window to absorb the energy from the moon.
  • Whilst drinking your tea, visualise its intention working to help you manifest your goals and achieve your desired outcome.
  • When you have finished drinking your tea, say aloud
    “It is done" 

New Moon Spell

Part 1: Activating the Herbs

You Will Need

The Ritual

  1. Have your items placed nearby on your altar or table in preparation for your spell
  2. Cleanse your area and yourself by either burning your cleansing stick or ringing your altar bell while reciting the following out loud or in your mind:

    "Any malicious energies, spirits & intentions must leave now"

  3. Grab each herb one at a time and hold in your hands while asking for their assistance with its particular magickal correspondence you are using before placing in your cauldron or mixing bowl. For example:

    "Chamomile, please aid me in bringing about peace and tranquility"

  4. After completing step 3 with all your herbs,close your eyes and mix your herbs with your hands in your cauldron or mixing bowl while mentally picturing the magickal properties of your herbs working to bring you your desired result. Envision a warm glow radiating from your hands, connecting with your herbs and activating their properties. Take as long as you feel you need to work your intentions through.
  5. Once your herbs have been activated, you are now ready to perform your spell using your preferred method. 

Part 2: The Spell (with 3 different methods)

Using a Mojo Spell Bag (Best for beginners)

The most beginner-friendly method is a mojo spell bag, which involves just two steps.

You Will Need
  • The herbs you activated above

  • Mojo bag

  • Crystals with associated properties for your intention

    ie: Amethyst - an all-rounder for healing, calmness & improving mental health

    Rainbow moonstone for healing


The Spell
  1. Once the herbs have been activated with the ritual above, take your herbs and place them inside your mojo spell bag

  2. (Optional) To boost the effects of your spell, you can add in a crystal such as rainbow moonstone or amethyst 

  3. Carry your mojo spell bag in your pocket or in your handbag and place it underneath your pillow before sleep

Your mojo spell bag will work until you can't smell the herbs scent from the bag, however, if you lightly "smash" the bag with your fingers you should be able to smell their scent again. If this is the case, it is still working! If not, you can create a new mojo spell bag if you wish. 

Using a Spell Candle

A popular method of magick, candle magic, is best done when the candle is dressed in herbs you have charged with your intentions. The flames as your candle burns can serve as a way for your spirit guides, ancestors or the universe to pass on any messages to you. Burning spell candles are hypnotic and brings powerful energy to enhance the effectiveness of your spell. 

You Will Need
  • The herbs you activated above

  • A coloured chime candle, white is a great colour symbolising cleansing, protecting, guidance & healing, but you can pick any colour that aligns with your intentions. We recommend getting a spell candle pack with different colours such as this 20 pack here. Click here for other candle colours & their meanings.

  • Altar plate or other flat, easy to clean surface
  • Annointing oil

  • Candle holder or fireproof bowl & blu tac.

  • Lighter or match

The Spell
  1. Annoint your candle - this is done by taking a few drops of oil and rubbing it into your palms, then drawing the oil up and down the candle.
  2. Lay down your candle on the altar plate & sprinkle a handful of the herbs you activated earlier over the candle while rolling it.
  3. Once the candle is covered, place your dressed candle in a candle holder, away from flames which may burn the herbs.
  4. Now, light your spell candle with your lighter or match
  5. Sit by your candle and watch the flame the whole time it burns. Your spell candle will burn bright and induce a hypnotic feeling. Images that appear in the flame may give you an idea if your spell was successful. 

Using a Spell Bath

Not only a relaxing method, spell baths are in our opinion the most effective method of performing a successful spell. This process will take longer than the earlier mentioned methods because it is highly recommended you stay in the bath until it gets cold, then air dry and avoid bathing or showering again for another 12-24 hours so the spell has a chance to keep working and achieve maximum results. Before conducting a spell bath, taking a separate bath or shower beforehand is recommended. 

You will need
  • The herbs you activated above

  • (Optional) Items to enhance relaxation such as music, incense, candles or even the spell candle in the method above

  • (Optional) Essential oil of your choice
The Spell
  1. Run a warm bath
  2. (Optional) burn your incense, play music or burn candles
  3. Add the herbs you charged earlier into your bath and (optional) a few drops of essential oil of your choice
  4. Sit in your bath and wash your body and hair with the infused water - do not use a body wash or anything else within this bath. 
  5. Lay in your bath until the water gets cold. This could take an hour or two. 
  6. From this point on, you can get out of the bath. It's best to air dry and avoid showering or bathing again for another 12-24 hours. 

    Safe witches are clever witches, never leave a flame unattended and always be prepared to safely put out a fire if needed.

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