Evil Eye Cosmetics

Evil Eye Cosmetics

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Wearing what we want however we want has a long association with being labeled a troublemaker, trash queen or freak. Any of us who exist left of centre know how we get judged by our appearances. We jokingly call ourselves the 'Evil I'.

Mel Cramond from Tragic Beautiful and Fanny Barlow from Mermaid Salon

Evil Eye Cosmetics is a Tragic Beautiful x Mermaid Salon plan hatched by the talented Melanie Cramond and Fanny Barlow. Friends for a decade, they regularly give each other advice and support, both business and personal.  Through their shared experiences of the difficulties running small businesses in a niche industry in Australia, they've come to understand each other's strengths and how they could mesh together in a new brand. The combination Mel's dark and goth vibe and Fanny's understanding of colour and makeup development have resulted in Evil Eye Cosmetics.  

The brand's first lines are released today and detailed below.

Mystifying 3D Lashes

Step it up a notch with these dramatic lashes!  They come in 3 individual styles - Cressida, Macbeth and Tempest - or as a trio and with proper care each set should last 10-15 wears. 

Whiplash Hardcore Bondage Lash Glue

This lash glue will keep your lashes in place all day & night and the precision brush means the glue goes on the lashes and not all over everything nearby. 

Look Sharp Eyeliner + Electrifeye Eye Primer

The weightless, colour-boosting primer sets your lids up for the perfect finish & liner goes on smooth with a blacker than black vinyl finish.

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