The Empress Tarot Card Reading


Before unpacking your order, focus on the purpose of this reading. Are you seeking insight into your career? Your love life? Finances?

When you open your package, pay close attention: the position the card lays in relative to your body when you first spot it will determine whether your card is upright or reversed. If your card is code side up when you first see it, flip it over quickly to let your intuition speak for you.

A single card pull can reveal much about your current state. When you first saw it, what was your immediate reaction? This is your inner voice speaking, a powerful guide providing you with the most important information you need to know upfront. Meditate on this reaction while you reflect on the reading; we suggest making notes in a journal to see if there are any patterns with subsequent card pulls. If you’ve received a sample of our teas, take heed of these readings as you perform your ritual as your card’s guidance will help you manifest your goals.


You’ve been very lucky in life lately, what a nice change! This is the chance to revel in your bounty and express your gratitude to the Great Mother: go out into nature, whether it be a walk in your local reserve, a stroll on your local beach at dusk or even sitting in the grass in your yard to ground your energy and attune yourself to the Earth. By doing this, you will be in harmony with her and the spirits of nature who will guide you to a higher level of consciousness.

Encountering the Empress in upright position twice is an indication that you’re overflowing with nurturing energy that you’re keen to direct. Perhaps you have a new colleague at work or a new classmate, a new member at your extra-curricular activity. Channel this warm energy into creating a harmonious space: make the newbies welcome, support your work buddies with kind words and feedback and you will create a wonderful environment for everyone to grow and flourish.


The appearance of a reversed Empress is a sure sign of creative block. Maybe you’ve hit a wall in your arts and craft projects, you’re struggling with essay topics or your ideas aren’t exactly thinking outside the box at work. You may be too caught up in expectations from your bosses or mentors, or even the pressure you put on yourself to have everything you do be absolutely perfect. Put all of this aside, empty your mind and write down the first thing that comes to mind. You may just be scribbling out nonsense or plopping out chicken scratch, the important thing is to let ideas flow-from this you will find beneficial tangents to follow and you owe yourself a critic-free space in which to grow.

Encountering the reversed Empress twice is a hint that you’re overdue for some self care-we don’t want excuses, no buts treat your damn self! Whether it’s as simple as getting away from work for a lunch date with your mates, a few minutes to finally play that new game tonight or splurging on a whole spa weekend, be sure to nurture yourself as you can’t take care of others until you extend that same loving energy to yourself.