Setting Up Your Mabon Altar

Setting Up Your Mabon Altar

Join us in celebrating Mabon in 2024 with your own personal Mabon altar! Create a sacred space using Mabon candle colours and other meaningful ritual objects to reflect your unique spiritual journey. 
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Mabon (pronounced ma-bon), also known as Fall Equinox, Harvest Home and Feast of Avalon, marks the second annual harvest and is celebrated between March 20-23 in the Southern Hemisphere and between September 19-22 in the Northern Hemisphere. Abundance, joyousness, balance, harmony and renewed energy encapsulates the theme of this Sabbat. Night and day are of equal length, and it is a time to thank the earth for its bounty and prepare for the colder months ahead. 

Experience the power of Mabon in 2024 with your own personal Mabon altar! Create a sacred space with meaningful ritual objects and symbolic decorations to reflect your unique spiritual journey. Whether you’re just starting out with setting up an altar or you are already a mystic master, your Mabon altar will inspire you every day until the next Sabbat arrives. 

Join in on celebrating Mabon with our tips on creating your very own Mabon altar!


Your Mabon altar will be a powerful and meaningful space for not only performing your Mabon ritual, but it can also act as a sacred space to help you reflect on your intentions for the rest of this holiday. Decorating and setting up tools that correspond to Mabon's symbolism will boost this Sabbat's energy and help you achieve whatever you wish to manifest in 2024!


Symbols: Pinecones, seeds, horn of plenty (cornucopia), autumn/fall leaves, acorn.
Colours & candle colours: Brown, orange, yellow, red, copper, green.
Foods: Apple, corn, gourds, beans, pumpkin, squash, blackberries, cider, root vegetables, pomegranate, wine.
Crystals: agatejaspertigers eyequartzcitrineaventurineruby & moss agate.
Flowers: Thistle, sunflower, sage, marigold, rose hip, yarrow, honeysuckle. 
Deities: Mabon, Demeter, Persephone, the Dark Goddess, The Green Man, Morgan, Pomona, Inanna. 


It is completely up to you where you would like to set up your altar, however, we recommend setting up your Mabon altar in an area where you're least likely to be interrupted, distracted and where no one else can mess with it. This could be in a separate room, home office, bedroom or living room, wherever feels best for you. 


Decorating your Mabon altar with symbols that correspond to Mabon will help ensure you are harnessing the energy of this Sabbat. Our Herbologist Tablecloth or Herbology Tapestry would perfectly represent Mabon with its design of root vegetables and also help protect your altar from burning incense, candles and hot cauldrons


To conduct your ritual from a fresh slate, it is best to cleanse your altar using a cleansing tool such as incense, a smoke cleansing stick or a resin blend. Sage is a symbol of Mabon, so cleansing your Mabon altar using our Black Sage Smoke Cleansing Stick would be very beneficial as well as using our Mabon / Autumn Resin Incense Blend


No altar is complete without candles! Simply decorate your altar with coloured candles that correspond to the colours of Mabon or utilise their correspondences for spellwork. For example, one of Mabon's colours is brown - brown candles correspond with animals, balance, courage, grounding and stability. You can find out more about candle magic with our Simple Guide to Candle Magic to help you decide which candle colours would be most useful to help you manifest your goals.


Whether you're using herbs within a spell or would simply like to decorate your altar with corresponding Mabon herbs and flowers, this is a necessary ingredient for your Mabon altar for honouring and connecting with nature. Blessed Thistle assists with spiritual healing and vitality, and Yarrow also promotes healing and can be used in rituals involving: love, protection, courage, cleansing and divination. Tragic Beautiful also offers a Mabon / Autumn Herb Blend which would be the perfect addition to your Mabon altar.


Cauldrons are a symbolic symbol for witches and hold many uses including mixing ingredients such as your herbs, burning loose incense on a charcoal disc, making black salt or to burn petitions. The amount of cauldrons you would like to have on your Mabon altar depends on your personal preference and how extensive your ritual will be. For example, you might like to burn incense in one cauldron, burn petitions in another cauldron and require a third cauldron for mixing herbs together. 


To keep your magickal lil' fingers safe during rituals where burning is required, such as burning resin incense on a charcoal tablet or placing a lit petition into your cauldron, tongs will be an essential tool. 


Crystals are powerful ingredients for spellwork and to hold space on your Mabon altar. All types of quartz can help boost the effects of your spell and hold onto intentions you put into it. For example, citrine is a crystal associated with Mabon and can help with manifestation, imagination, and personal will. It carries the power of the sun and is warm, comforting, energizing, and life-giving.


Mabon is a perfect time for connecting with your spirit guides, ancestors and the universe. Tarot cards, oracle cards, rune sets and crystal balls can aid you with divination and gaining further insight to any questions or guidance you seek. If you're new to divination, our Beginner's Tarot Guide can help help you with getting started.


Our inhouse witches here at Tragic Beautiful have crafted the perfect Mabon \ Autumn Ritual Kit to make it easy for you to set up your Mabon altar. Everything you need to explore the energy of Mabon is included such as a Sky Incense and Resin Burner, 2 x red tealight candles, spell candle in red, yellow, brown and orange, Mabon resin blend in reusable glass vial, Mabon herb blend in reusable glass jar and a roll of charcoal tablets.

To help you further manifest your intentions, check out our Mabon Rituals blog for inspiration and ideas. 


Mabon is one of the many Sabbat's pagans celebrate from the Wheel of the Year. Mabon is a time for reflecting on the hard work of the year, celebrating the bounty of the harvest and connecting with nature. To get the most out of celebrating Mabon, check out our blog on Celebrating Mabon in the Southern Hemisphere here

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