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Divination Books & Tools

Divination Books & Tools

Seek guidance, find answers and discover what the future has in store with Tragic Beautiful's curated range of divination tools and accessories! 


Check out our wicked range of beautiful tarot decks, from the original Raider-Waite deck to modern decks with artwork inspired by fantasy, the macabre and even Dracula!


We have a beautiful selection of crystal balls in different sizes as well as a range of crystal ball holders for you to choose from including triple goddess, pentagram, fantasy and even dragon themed! These scrying tools will look beautiful on your altar even when not in use, but don' forget to cover them with a cloth for safety!


Cast the runes and seek guidance with ancient Norse runes! All of our runes are inscribed with the Viking Futhark alphabet and are available in a variety of crystals; including amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli and black obsidian. We even have a selection of wooden tile runes made by Australian indie designers Yiska, who use ethically sourced and native Australian woods to create their unique products.


Are you ready to commune with the spirits? Or maybe you simply want to contact your Higher Self? We have a wide selection of spirit boards featuring unique artwork and beautiful planchettes to suit all tastes. They even make a statement decor piece when not in use!


Pendulums are used in energy healing and divination and are very easy for beginners to learn! We have a huge selection of genuine crystal pendulums as well as divination mats to help you seek guidance. 

Whether you're a divination novice or an absolute pro, you can learn everything there is to know about divination with our range of books detailing the history of these practices and how to use them to enrich your life.