Simple Cleansing Spells

Simple Cleansing Spells

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Cleansing rituals are about the simplest ways to remove negative energy around you, but often get overlooked when we are feeling the weight of old arguments or other negativity that surround us.

They can be as basic as smoke cleansing, also known as smudging, most commonly this is associated with white sage. There are a lot of good reasons why you shouldn't use white sage if this practice is closed to you. Read more about this here.

Cleansing using herbs is an ancient spiritual practice, done with a variety of herbs for specific intents. Blue Sage, for example, is a good alternative to white sage for cleansing and purification. Rosemary is also commonly used. You can see our entire range of cleansing wands here.

It is a good idea when moving into a new home to cleanse the entire area. Smoke cleansing is a simple and effective way to purify every room. To do this, move clockwise around each room 3 times, wafting the smoking stick high in the air in front of you. 

Cleansing kits

We've put together a collection of the essentials for cleansing your home of negative energy, available here.

We've also put together a range of handy collections that facilitate a multitude of spells and rituals. See them all here

Cleansing rituals are also useful for clearing your mind and spirit before spell casting, or just to clear out the psychic cobwebs that are blocking you from visualising intentions and reaching your goals. There are a variety of ways that you can execute a cleansing ritual or spell, however my personal favourite is a ritual bath. 

Ritual cleansing baths

Cleansing baths are ancient rituals performed by followers of all the old gods, and in the modern day are still a restorative and efficient way to banish negative energy from your life. They are an essential part of preparing for sabbats as they can cleanse the mind, body and spirit, but they are also useful additions to other avenues of magick work. For example, if the witch feels the heavy presence of a hex or working on them that may hinder their own spell casting, a cleansing bath, sometimes known as an 'uncrossing', unbinds - by itself or in conjunction with other measures - hexes and curses from the witch.

By infusing the water and surrounding the bath (including the atmosphere) with evocative objects and scents, meditative intentions are amplified and the experience can be quite powerful. If you have a full-size bath tub, you can imbibe the water with aromatics and soak your full body in it. If not, create the 'bath' in a tub or large cauldron and cleanse yourself with scoops of infused water. Start from the feet and work upward if you are aiming to attract or call favour to you, or from the head down if washing away negativity.

 Ingredients in a cleansing spell

Not all of these ingredients are needed - choose a selection that attracts you and helps to achieve your cleansing goal.

How to perform a cleansing ritual bath spell

Fill your bath with warm (comfortable) water and add your aromatics and salts. Add a charcoal disc to your brazier or cauldron and add a suitable resin incense blend. Don't add too much and make sure the room has some ventilation, as combined with imbued steam you can become overwhelmed. If you have a small room or poor ventilation, light the brazier and remove it from the room before getting into the bath. Use protective mitts as the brazier/cauldron will be hot.

Dim lighting or candlelight produce the best environment for ritual baths. Any candles will do, but you can always enhance your intentions using meaningful coloured candles, or candles that are ritually dressed for spellwork.

Surround the bath with meaningful objects, or objects you wish to be imbibed with the smoke and steam-filled air, such as crystals or other stones. Clear quartz boosts energy and aids the strength of other crystals, emerald is cleansing, red jasper aids concentration and boosts meditation, amethyst relieves stress and relaxes your mind for meditation, and bloodstone relieves fatigue. These are all great options to surround your bath.

Cleanse yourself in the water while manifesting your intent to cleanse and renew yourself, mind, body and spirit.

It's that simple!

Try creating a talisman afterward with dried mistletoe or black snake root (to repel evil spirits), amethyst, clear quartz in a bag helps boost the effect of the cleansing spell and prevent negative energy returning quickly. Keep it in a safe place nearby.

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