Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

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The moon has been revered for its beneficial properties for thousands of years, back to when the absence of the moon meant dangerous nights and a bright, full moon was cause for celebration, trysts out in the wilderness, and harvesting herb crops for maximum potency.

In the modern age with electric lights it is easy to forget about the power that Luna still holds, and how the full moon can still benefit us.

Read below for some rituals & activities you can partake in during the full moon!

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Clearing and charging crystals under the moon

Some witches will insist that a full lunar cycle is required to clear new crystals of old energy before charging them, and this may be true for important divination tools like a pendulum. However, the night of a clear, full moon offers an environment crackling with magic and you can clear and charge your crystals with your own energy in one evening. Burn some resin incense mixed with oils that align well with the full moon, such as sandalwood. This will enhance meditation as you lie back and study the stars.

The coming full moon will rise in the early morning in Australia, which will allow you to harness both solar and lunar energy in clearing and charging your crystals. As star and moon gazing isn't possible, sipping herbal tea, watching the smoke of your cauldron and hearing the sounds of nature around you are excellent substitutes for daytime lunar meditation.

Drawing down the moon

In The modern Witchcraft book of Natural Magick, Judy Ann Nock says that this ritual was common to witches of the mid-twentieth century, but originated in ancient Greece and performed by the Thessalian witches. In this ritual, the witch becomes the embodiment of the lunar goddess. A ritual for drawing down the moon can be found in her book.

Medication & journalling under the full moon

Some people also use the full moon as a time for reflection and meditation. Sitting quietly under the moonlight, meditating on your goals, dreams, and desires can help clarify your intentions and align your energy with the lunar cycle. This can be especially powerful if done outdoors, where you can fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and sensations of nature under the moon's glow. It can be a great idea to write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the full moon in a journal. This can help you gain clarity, release emotions, and set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.

Perform Tarot or Oracle Card readings

The full moon is associated with heightened energy and intuition. The full moon is believed to amplify psychic abilities and enhance spiritual insights, making it a great time to perform a tarot card reading or oracle card reading.

During this time, emotions can be heightened, making it easier to connect with one's subconscious mind and intuition. These readings can provide guidance, clarity, and insight into one's current situation and future path, making them particularly potent tools for self-reflection and introspection during the full moon.

Spells and divination for the full moon

The full moon is said to enhance all magical workings, so is a popular time to schedule important rituals or spellwork.  Many covens consider full moons an esbat day and always especially set this time aside for spellwork or any kind of worship particular to their beliefs.  It is also said to increase your intuitive awareness, so any spells or divination that can benefit from heightened intuition should be planned for this time. Whatever your individual beliefs when it comes to wicca and full moon magick, it's broadly agreed that the moon enhances your intentions rather than hinders, so no matter if it rises during the day or night, don't miss the opportunity to give your magick a boost.

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