Decorating Your Lammas Altar

Decorating Your Lammas Altar

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Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-nus-uh) or Lammas, is a whimsical celebration nestled among the eight Sabbats of the witches' wheel of the year. Lammas is the jubilant commemoration of Lugh, inviting us to dance in harmony with the seasonal rhythms.

Traditionally gracing the Southern Hemisphere on the 1st of February and the Northern Hemisphere on the 2nd of August, this coming year will weave its magic on the 4th of February, beckoning us to embrace the spirited essence of Lammas.

Whether you're just starting out in your witchcraft journey or already a seasoned witch -  join us on the journey of decorating your Lammas altar as we infuse warmth and whimsy into the sacred art of decoration, marrying factual guidance with the magic of this timeless celebration!

Lammas Symbols

Symbols: Calves, Crows, Corn, Gourds, Sunflowers, Sun Wheels, Barley
Crystals: Citrine, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper, Brown Jasper, Moonstone, Carnelian
Herbs & plants: Sunflowers, Clover, Ivy, Marigold, Peony, Rosemary, Basil, Apple Leaf, Rose & Rose Hip
Incense & aromas: Frankincense, Rosemary, Pettigrain, Apple Blossom, Orange and Cinnamon
Colours: Yellow, Bronze, Green, Gold, Brown

Setting up your Altar for Lammas

Setting up your Lammas altar is a personal and symbolic practice that allows you to create a sacred space for celebrating the festival. Your altar can serve as a sacred haven to contemplate your aspirations for the season. As you sprinkle it with bright & seasonal decorations and tools, envision a refreshing surge of energy infusing your space, empowering your endeavours throughout the entire year. Let the process be a refreshing breeze, ushering in positivity and creating an open space for celebration and reflection.


Where to set up your Lammas Altar

Discovering the ideal setting for your Lammas altar is a harmonious blend of connecting with the essence of the festival and embracing the vibrant energy of nature. If possible, ground yourself outside, basking in the sunlight during the enchanting moments of sunrise or sunset. Whether in a garden, amidst harvested crops, or indoors by a window surrounded by the verdant energy of natural light, let your altar be a reflection of the earthy, grounding energy of this season. Visualise roots extending from your body, anchoring you to the earth, drawing in its essence to empower and nurture you. Let the location of your Lammas altar be a sacred space that resonates with the abundant energy of the earth, ensuring a meaningful and empowering celebration.

Decorating your Lammas Altar

There are a variety of ways to decorate your altar for Lammas, and showcase this Sabbat's meaning.

Altar cloths for Lammas

As you prepare to set up your Lammas altar, envision a sacred space that resonates with the rich and earthy vibes of the festival. Ground the Altar within the beautiful hues of nature by using an altar cloth such as the Ouroboros Altar Cloth which encapsules a dance greens, yellows & browns much like the waltz between the sun & earth. If you're wanting a more subtle splash of yellow, the Working With Bones Altar Cloth, or the Triple Moon Altar Cloth, are perfect choices to enhance your sacred haven.

Candles for Lammas

Candles play a vital role in illuminating the essence of Lammas, embodying the element of fire that aligns with this festival's spirit. As you arrange candles on your Lammas altar, opt for colours that resonate with the season, such as yellow, white, and black. These hues encapsulate the energy of Lammas, symbolising the ripening harvest and the interplay of light and shadow. Consider placing a central candle to symbolise the union of the God and Goddess, infusing your sacred space with the essence of this celebration. If you're curious about the magic of candles, delve into our Simple Guide to Candle Magic  to discover how different candle colours can enhance your intentions and manifestations during this special time of the year.

Flowers & Greenery

Fuse the spirit of Lammas onto your altar by embracing the vibrant array of flowers and greenery associated with this season. Arrange a symphony of sunflowers, clover, ivy, marigold, peony, rosemary, basil, apple leaf, and the timeless beauty of roses and rose hips. Among them, sunflowers stand out as a vital emblem of this celebration. Channel the essence of Lammas by creating small, artful arrangements or wreaths using these seasonal blooms or create personal flower arrangements in vases. The presence of these offerings not only adds a visual feast to your sacred space but also fosters a profound connection to the Earth's bountiful rejuvenation during this harvest season.

Statues & symbols

Adorn your sacred space with statues and symbols that resonate with the fire and light god, Lugh, who takes centre stage during this festival. In Irish legends, Lugh stands as the leader of the 'Tuatha De Danann,' a pagan race intricately woven into the folklore of Europe and the British Isles. These mystical beings, also known as 'the peoples of the Goddess Danu,' are often regarded as faeries in Irish folklore, driven into the woodlands to live in secrecy by invading races. To symbolise the spirit of Lammas, consider including statues or symbols representing Lugh in his fire and light aspects. Infuse your altar with the energy of this deity, who embodies the essence of the harvest season

 Bread, Cake & Fruit

Show your gratitude for the harvest by calling on your inner kitchen witch to bake breads and cakes! Get creative by adding seasonal fruits harvested from your garden and enjoy feasting on these in quiet contemplation within your altar space. You can also include in your space a bowl of seasonal foods representing the harvest: Wheat, barley, oats and seasonal fruit. We've also included the perfect harvest bread recipe in our Celebrating Lammas In Australia Blog!

 Altar Accessories

Elevate your Lammas altar with an array of enchanting accessories that embody the essence of this harvest celebration. Prepare the sacred space using spell jars for success, and a prosperity crystal grid, setting the stage for abundance and prosperity. Don't forget the cauldron, a potent symbol of feminine power and rebirth, essential for Lammas rituals. Line your magick circle with salt, placing crystals on the cardinal points or within your prosperity grid to enhance the energy flow. Include altar accessories like a bell, tongs, and resins, and select crystals like citrine, red aventurine, red jasper, brown jasper, moonstone, and carnelian to amplify the energy of abundance. 

Celebrating Lammas

Keep in mind that your Lammas altar is a profoundly personal manifestation of your spirituality and connection to the season. Feel unrestricted in modifying and customising these recommendations to harmonise with your individual beliefs, preferences, and the resources accessible to you.

Lammas marked the beginning of the grain harvest. The Witches Wheel of The Year continually turns through the seasons, renewing annually. The Sabbats are a way to get in touch with each cycle and be present with the changes of nature. To get the most out fo celebrating Lammas, check out of blog on Celebrating Lammas in Australia and our blog on Lammas Rituals

Blessed be ✨

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