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Chimes & Altar Bells

Chimes & Altar Bells


At Tragic Beautiful, we've collected a diverse range of altar bells to suit all tastes and preferences. We stock brass and aluminium bells finished in gold or silver, often embossed with sacred symbols like the triple goddess or pentacle.

Use chime-bells at your altar or for rituals and ceremonies, or choose from our beautiful range of wind chimes to banish negative forces and enhance your home decor scheme!



The bell is a ritual tool of invocation and banishment commonly used in Wiccan rituals. The ringing of a bell drives away negativity and keeps evil spirits at bay because it is claimed that evil spirits cannot tolerate the sounds of a clear high-pitched ring.

It is a feminine symbol of the creative force, that of the Goddess, and is often used to invoke the Goddess during a ritual, or sounded at the four quarters to call forth such spirits as the Watchers and Elementals.

The bell can be rung to indicate the start of a rite by banishing negative influences before the ritual begins and calling the Goddess' attention to the ritual. It can also be used to clear and disperse energy at the end of a ritual if unwanted energy has built up.

Use bells in conjunction with other tools of protection and acts of banishment, such as smoke cleansing ceremonies and candle magick.