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January 6, 2023

Simple Guide to Candle Magic

Simple Guide to Candle Magic | Tragic Book of Spells

What is Candle Magic?

Candle Magic has been around for an incredibly long time, and is a popular form of magick. It is great for beginners as it is accessible, inexpensive, and at it's core, very simple. Not only for beginners, some complex rituals take days or even weeks to complete and can require months of intricate planning. Other rituals need to be performed at specific times of the year. 

There is something magical and amazing in flame, and for centuries people have been drawn to watch the flicker of a fire or a candle and enjoy the hypnotic feeling it induces. Candles are inherently balanced. Each candle can represent all of the elements.

  1. Air: Oxygen feeds and fans the candle flame
  2. Earth: Solid wax forms the body of the candle
  3. Water: Melting wax represents the fluid elemental state
  4. Fire: The flame sparks and blazes

If you’re curious about incorporating witchcraft into your spiritual practice, candle magic is a good introduction because it's so simple and inexpensive. All you need is a candle, something to light it with, and an intention.

The act of burning is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm, but the other key element here is about using different candle colours. This is called colour magick. Different colours store different types of energy, and this is what we’re trying to access when we burn a candle of that colour.

Colour Magic

  • White - Attracting, Purifying, Cleansing, Protection, Balancing, Clarity, Divination, Grounding, Guidance, Healing, Higher Self, Hope, Innocence, Optimism, Peace, Spirituality, Truth, Willpower.
White is also thought of as an all purpose candle. White candles can generally be used to replace other colours when they are not available.
  • Black - Banishing, Binding, Absorbing, Acceptance, Anger, The Afterlife,  Challenges, Determination, Death, Endings, Justice, Loss, Release, Break Hexes, Security, Grief, Negativity, Magic, Patience, Persistence, Rebirth, Karma, Secrets, Spirituality, Strength and Self Control.
  • Red - Love, Lust, Sex, Attraction, Courage, Assertiveness, Business, Creativity, Energy, Loyalty, Motivation, Passion, Romance, Strength, Power, Action, Survival, Change and Overcoming obstacles.
  • Yellow - Career, Action, Communication, Friendships, Learning new skills, Loans and Credit, Business, Happiness, Intellect, Inspiration, Intuition, Knowledge, Wisdom, Pleasure, Stimulation and Travel.
  • Pink - Acceptance, Affection, Beauty, Compassion, Reconciliation, Children, Healing Abuse, Fidelity, Family, Friendship, Femininity, Kindness, Love, Luck, Marriage, Nurturing, Passion, Sensuality and Love.
  • Green - Abundance, Acceptance, Action, Agriculture, Beauty, Change, Creativity, Family, Fertility, Harmony, Healing, Luck, Longevity, Environment, Nurturing, Partnerships, Peace and Prosperity.
  • Purple - Transformation, Divination, Prosperity, Authority, Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Psychic Protection, Emotions, Imagination, Influence, Independence, Power, Spirituality, Truth, Wisdom, Writing,  Addiction and Overcoming Fears.
  • Orange - Abundance, Adaptability, Ambition, Celebration, Confidence, Creativity, Courage, Discipline, Vitality (Energy), Independence, Freedom, Goals, Justice, Money, Positivity, Pleasure, Reconciliation, Stimulation, Strength and Travel.
  • Blue - Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Seeking Divine Wisdom, Honesty, Trust, Communication, Creativity, Dreamwork, Sleep, Mental Obstacles, Wisdom, Pregnancy, Leadership, Justice. Water element.
  • Brown - Material matters, Endurance, Hard Work, Animals, Balance, Courage, Grounding, Finding lost objects, Stability, Material Protection.
  • Silver - Moon and Star Magic and The Goddess, Awareness, Healing, Intuition, Divination, Money, Psychic Powers, Purification, Hidden Potential, Fertility, Feminine Energy, Stability, Success, Sea.
  • Gold - Abundance, Fame and Fortune, Ambitions, Money, Positivity, Happiness, Creativity, Divination, Power, Influence, Luxury, Masculine Energy, Sun Magick and The God.
These colours are not only reserved to candle magic, you can also use them in many other ways.

A Simple Candle Spell

  1. Choose the candle for your spell carefully. Pick one that corresponds with the nature of your goal, like yellow for your job search, or red for a love matter. There are specific candles created just for this purpose in every colour you could need. These are called spell or chime candles and are the perfect size to burn out in an hour or two - great for a single spell. 
  2. Begin by charging the candle with your intention before any ritual or spell. Think of what you want to bring into your life. Be specific and realistic. Clarify your intention in a single sentence and meditate on it. This can be done purely with the intention but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils or carve runes, words or symbols into the candle. You may also want to place relevant crystals, herbs, or flowers around your candle to amplify the right vibes.
  3. Clear your mind. You can use a smoke cleansing ritual to help dissipate negative energy, and to help you enter a more meditative state. Light the candle while visualising what you wish to achieve. Take a few deep breaths, release tension, and visualize your worries or thoughts drifting away from you. Start to visualize your goal as if it has already happened. Imagine how you’d feel and what life would look like. When you have a clear mental picture, repeat your intention out loud.
  4. When you feel almost full of your goal’s energy and positive vibes, light the candle. Focus on the candle’s aura (the light right outside the flame) and visualize it getting bigger and bigger until it fills the room. Then imagine it expanding beyond the room into the universe, beaming out and sending a signal to bring your intention to you. Hold this vision in your mind as long as you can. When you feel your energy waning or you start getting distracted, blow out the candle or sit with the candle until it has finished burning.
PLEASE NOTE: Never leave a candle burning unattended. If the candle remains and you wish to perform the same spell again, always keep the unlit candle in a safe place and treat with respect for your goal. Each time you light the candle, renew your intention. Once the candle has burnt all the way down or you are finished using the candle either bury the remaining wax outside or dispose of it safely.

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