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Cleansing & Smudging

Cleansing & Smudging

Tragic Beautiful stocks everything you could ever need for cleansing rituals! Banish negativity, ward off evil spirits, bad vibes and invite healing, good energies into your home, body and spirit with a variety of Pagan tools and ingredients for use on your altar or as part of separate rituals.

For smoke cleansing, we stock a variety of stick incense, incense cones and backflow cones in a wide range of scents to suit different needs. For traditional smoke cleansing with herbs, we stock ethically sourced loose Californian white sage as well as smudge sticks.  We also have alternatives to white sage including cedar, juniper, eucalyptus and rosemary smudge sticks.

We've assembled premade kits from ethical sources so you can purify your space right away, including our white sage smudging kit that comes, with a white sage smudge stick and abalone shell or our complete cleansing kit, which comes with a rose quartz crystal, palo santo wood, copal resin incense, loose white sage and a cauldron.

If you'd prefer not to use smoke cleansing, you can also use incense oil with one of our decorative and practical oil burners.



Cleansing has been practised by cultures around the world since ancient times, notably by Native Americans. Cleansing and smudging rituals are performed today to banish evil spirits and remove negative energies and thus purifying spaces, objects and even people. Some also perform smudging ceremonies to ease stress, anxiety and simply because it creates a pleasant aromatic atmosphere. Burning cleansing herbs can also remove unwanted smells from pets and dust.


To cleanse your home with white sage you will need:

  • loose sage or a sage wand
  • A lighter or match
  • A smudge bowl or abalone shell
  1. First, prepare your tools and your space. Open your windows to allow the smoke to escape and direct the banished energies away. Ensure that you hold your intentions strongly in your mind and that you're in a cheerful mood, a negative emotional state can cancel out any cleansing properties of the ritual.

  2. Prepare your smudge bowl to collect the ash-some choose to use an abalone shell to hold their sage and a feather to fan the smoke but a smudge bowl and your hand are fine substitutes.

  3. Ensure your sage hasn't been packed too tightly as it will need space for the oxygen to flow and allow the flame to catch.

  4. Light your sage and let it burn for around 20 seconds before blowing out the flame. You will see the embers glow and begin to smoke. If the smoking stops, reignite it by blowing gently on the wand.

  5. Walk around your home, passing the smoke over objects and rooms you wish to cleanse. Make your way clockwise or anticlockwise around your space depending on what your intuition tells you.

  6. Finish your ritual by ensuring your sage has been completely extinguished. Store any leftovers in a dry place away from sunlight.