How to Celebrate Ostara

How to Celebrate Ostara

One of the most joyous festivals in the Wheel of the Year is Ostara, marking the the Spring Equinox! 

How to Celebrate Ostara | Photograph of the Ostara Ritual setup

One of the most joyous festivals in the Wheel of the Year is Ostara, marking the Spring Equinox!  

In the southern hemisphere, this occurs between the 21-23 September and 21-23 March in the northern hemisphere. 

The hours of night and day are equal, but we are moving towards summer so the days will grow longer. Day by day, warmth and light are returning to the earth. It's the perfect time for balance, growth, sowing your seeds and tuning in with nature.

Symbols of Ostara:

Colours: Green, pink, purple & blue

Foods: Eggs, honey, asparagus, spring onion, hot cross buns & baked goods

Herbs: Lavender, calendularose petals, rose buds & bergamot

Crystals/stones: Citrine, amethystrose quartz & amazonite

Set intentions for:

Ways to Celebrate Ostara:

  • Planting seeds for a herb or flower garden
  • Spring clean & spiritually cleanse your house
  • Decorate your altar 
  • Cook up a feast with Ostara associated foods
  • Go outside & get in tune with nature
  • Have a picnic with loved ones
  • Meditate, manifest & set your intentions for the rest of the season

Mel B's Ostara Ritual



    1. Decide on your intention for your spell. Example: I'm using my Lavender seeds to help relieve stress, bring about peace and promote healing.
    2. Set up and make room on your altar for the above tools.
    3. Place the purple candle, seed packet & small pot with soil on your altar.
    4. Cleanse yourself, altar and space by ringing your altar bell or burning your cleansing stick.
    5. Hold the citrine in your hands and meditate on its warm, energizing and grounding abilities. When you're ready, place the citrine on your altar. 
    6. Light your candle while speaking words of your intention.
    7. Plant your seeds in your soil filled pot while reciting your intention.
    8. Lightly pour water over the soil while envisioning your intention coming to fruition. 
    9. Allow the candle to burn all the way down & let the pot hold space on your altar until then, before moving to where it can grow. 

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