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Whether you are pagan, nature witch, light worker or baby wiccan Aether can  help you make magic in your home and your life! We stock a huge range of witchcraft supplies including herbs for spells & alchemy, potions, crystals and other tools such as runes, scrying tools and other divination equipment. We also stock Aether vegan luxe bath & body products, that are local, natural, and have their scent dialled up to the max!

Check out the range of authentic and unique magical offerings handcrafted with witchy love in Australia from the finest quality & sustainable magical ingredients sourced worldwide.  Try out the alternatives to white sage with our range of smudging sticks, our resin incense blends that are crafted and mixed in-house, or one of our witchcraft collections for the herbalist, nature witch, alchemist or all-rounder spellkits.


Aether FAQ

How do you burn resin incense?

Resin incense has been burned for centuries during sacred rituals. These magickal blends intoxicate and fill the air with pure natural fragrance to aid in meditation, trance states, or spiritual invocation. Just a scant teaspoon is enough to produce a powerful aroma! To use, light a charcoal disk and place in a cauldron or another heat-resistant burning vessel. Sprinkle over some resin incense and it will begin to smoke. Only use a small amount as it can be overwhelming if large amounts are burned, particularly in poorly ventilated spaces.

What is divination?

Divination refers simply to ritual means of accessing hidden knowledge (or connecting with the divine). Divination tools aid you in your journey to connect to your innate, unconscious knowledge or communicate with external intelligence, such as spirits or angels. These tools include crystals and crystal grids, tarot cards, scrying, runes and numerology. For more information on these methods and tools check out our article here.