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All Alternative Outerwear, Jumpers & Jackets 780BE3F8-D59F-4216-9C6A-EF80BD283781

Shrug off the cold in our witchy range of outerwear! Keep it snug in light hoodies and knitwear for the Aussie winter or dress it up in coats and cloaks. Complete yer summer outfits with loose shirts, boleros, beach cover ups, kimonos n’ light cardigans made with breathable lace and mesh.

What We’ve Got: Blazers, biker jackets, faux fur coats, hoodies, jackets, cloaks, jumpers, sweaters, knitwear, outer shirts, boleros, cardigans.
Gotta Have It For: Warm winter looks, lounging ‘round the house, corpgoth looks, eveningwear, going out.

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All Alternative Outerwear, Jumpers & Jackets

Rug up for the cold weather or snuggle up on your lounge in our wicked winter goth range of outerwear!  Just because you're battling sleet and snow, that doesn't mean you can't look cute: we have lusciously thick and warm coats and jackets that will flatter your bod and keep the chills out.  If you're after something a little lighter for Australian winters or just lounging around, we also have a gorgeous array of knits, sweaters and hoodies.  Tragic Beautiful stocks all the gorgeous alternative threads you'll need to brave the cold weather in Australia.


You're after something heavy duty but you don't want to compromise on the darkness.  We totally vibe there: we stock cult brands like Killstar, Rogue & Wolf, Punk Rave, Blackcraft and so much more to keep you looking fabulous through the shivers!  Restyle has a beautiful array of faux suede numbers trimmed with faux fur and covered in studs, the Polish know how to deal with winter after all!  You can also find chic office jackets for the workplace or denim vests for the road.

Maybe you don't have to wrap up too tight, but want to add a bit of drama.  The best way to do this is with a wicked cloak, floor-length, covered in filigree embroidery or a mysterious hood that'll keep your face in shadows.  Because they wrap around your shoulders, cloaks can fit and flatter all body types!


Maybe you're out for a light jog, don't deal with snowy winters, or even just want to keep it casual.  Kick back with some awesome hoodies from Akumu Ink, Blackcraft and Dangerfield: their unique gothic prints featuring witchy symbols, moons, stars and even Baphomet will bring your occult vibes straight to the gym.  We also have a super cute array of fluffy hoodies from Punk Rave for all you pastel goths out there!

If you're looking for a casual feel while still looking like something out of a dark fantasy, why not try a knit? Or maybe you call it a jumper, a sweater, a pullover or a windcheater, either way, we've got it! You can choose from pitch black sweaters with turtlenecks or loose knits to slip over outfits like a mermaid caught in a net.  We have plenty of vegan options available so you can be nugoth and cruelty-free!


Not all outerwear is for summer!  Maybe you just want to slip on that finishing touch to a killer outfit.  Blackcraft, Killstar and Punk Rave have a beautiful range of kimonos, cardigans and dusters to top off your look for any occasion!  We have kimonos with frilly tassel trims that are perfect for formal events like weddings or work parties or even as coverups for the beach.  Our soft and versatile cardigans are perfect for date nights or eating out, made of soft acrylic or cosy cotton blends for easy care.  Maybe you want to get club, festival or costume ready with a dramatic duster trimmed in lace or made of high gloss PVC trimmed with spikes!

Whatever you need to shroud yer bod, we've got it!