Starting at the ground floor, Tragic Beautiful began at a kitchen counter; this is where Mel (Head Witch) who facing a tough pregnancy at the time - wove the first threads of our unique tapestry by creating the original Tragic fluffy leg warmers with all but $200. These early days coincided with the dawn of online shopping - fueled by a passion for the gothic and alternative, we envisioned a space where kindred spirits of the counterculture could find not just clothing but a true sense of belonging.   

Early Years - Tragic Beautiful Home Office 2008

From trad goths to mallgoths, pastel goths, and the punks & witches - everything you see on our shelves has been selected or created with you in mind. Every brand we stock has been handpicked and carefully selected from alternative fashion staples such as Killstar, Punk Rave, Demonia, Restyle & Mary Wyatt to our in house brands - Hexxxed, The Haunted Mansion, Cold Black Heart, Hedge Witch Cottage, Gaia RegaliaEvil Eye cosmetics, Aether, Witchcraft Skincare and Queen of Cups.

Original Tragic Beautiful Leg Warmers

Witchcraft is our thing. We are passionate eclectic witches and carry a huge range of witchcraft and magical supplies such as cauldrons, spell candles, incense, resin, altar cloths, witch tools and kits. Lots of herbs and hand blended spell and magic components. Here at Tragic – every witch is welcome: whether you’re a baby witch, witch-curious or experienced in the world of witchcraft & wicca – we ensure you’ll find all you altar wants & needs here along with our comprehensive Book Of Shadows blog where you will find spells, alter rituals and information on anything and everything witchy.

We seek out smaller independent designers and support and work with local independent businesses. Both our in-house brands Aether & Witchcraft Skincare are produced locally along with local bad-ass artists creating designs & art works for us - this means we have the very best bleeding edge alternative fashion items, while supporting local industry and ethical brands who pay a living wage and use the most eco friendly materials and ingredients.
Tragic Beautiful Warehouse now & Tragic Beautiful 2023 Valentines Day Campaign

Community is everything to us, without you – we wouldn’t be here today. Every order you make at Tragic is more than just a purchase at some big business – we are a small team of less than 10 employees and every order we receive means we get to keep this entirely femme owned and operated space alive and thriving. We are so grateful for your support over all these years, if you haven’t yet – please join our VIP group on Facebook. It is the epicenter of our community - where we can share ideas, give you sweet sweet perks and give you head starts on sales & giveaways.

This is truly what we love doing and we genuinely give a f*ck about your shopping experience. You are always welcome to call or email or feel free to come say hello to us at our warehouse in Meadowbrook. Everyone who works at Tragic Beautiful has the same desire and drive to bring the best items to you at the best possible price and with the best customer service you will find.

Your happiness is paramount to us, If you ever have any problem with anything purchased from us, please contact us straight away so we can rectify the issue. Sometimes in online retail things do go wrong, in that case we have your back. We will always work to make sure your experience with Tragic Beautiful is 100% perfect. 

Likewise if you loved your experience with Tragic Beautiful, we would love to hear about it!  Please feel free to leave us some feedback on any or all of the following review sites 

Lots of love,
The Tragics x

Meet The Team

Meet the Tragic Beautiful Team! Top Row Left to Right: Codi, Bri, Abbey, Rhawel. Second Row Left to Right: Brydie, Mel, Hatsie


Head Witch | She/Her

The heart & soul and Head Witch of Tragic Beautiful! Mel created the Tragic Beautiful you know and love today from her home in 2006. A multitasker of epic proportion, you won’t find Mel hollered up in an office, every day she’s on the floor creating, packing and helping the team.


Photographer | She/Her

Codex kicked off her career at Tragic Beautiful back in May of 2020 and has spent every minute since amazing us! Talk about secret weapons – originally a picker & packer, Codex blew us out of the water when she picked up a camera late last year and started photographing in-house!


Graphic Design | She/They

Bri made her Tragic debut in August 2021 taking to the field as killer graphic designer, creating our iconic emails, product labels, and is one half of the team that brings our apparel and homeware designs to life! Bri knows how to sort the chaos and is always wearing more than one hat – they’re also our customer service superstar and everyone’s go-to ghoul!


Warehouse | He/They

Since July 2020, Rhawel has been the silent assassin of our warehouse; no matter how many orders have stacked up – they’re the epitome of cool, calm and collected! You can always depend on Rhawel when it comes to Tetris-ing your order together, you’d be amazed at what he is capable of!

Abbey Rose

Warehouse + Ecom | She/Her

Abbey Rose has been a ray of sunshine bursting through the warehouse doors since October 2021! Always ready to tackle any task that gets thrown her way, Abbey Rose is a firecracker of a warehouse & ecommerce assistant – you can rely on her to take care of business with a big beaming smile.


Social Media | She/Her

Joining the team in August 2021, Hatsie-May has taken Tragic's social media & content to the next level - within her first few months, she had us reaching 100k followers on TikTok! Not only this, but Hatsie-May also coordinates and curates our photoshoots and does all our stunning videography. Head to our TikTok, Instagram & Facebook to view her work!


Creative Lead | She/Her

Taking to the field in November of 2020 originally as our Social Media Co-ordinator, Brydie rose the ranks after hitting one home run after the next to become our Marketing Manager & Creative Lead! When it comes to creativity and passion, she’s got it in spades – go check out her collaborative designs on the latest Tragic Beautiful pieces!