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Red Hair Colour

Red Hair Colour

Drench yourself in the deep, dark tones of a sumptuous wine or burn bright in blistering orange flames, whichever you need we have a red for you!  Vampire Red by Manic Panic, Pillarbox Red by La Riche Directions and Blood Moon by Lunar Tides are just a small selection of the cult red hues coveted by pigment fiends who need anything from a cool purple based burgundy to a warm orange based vermilion.  We even have products that'll add a subtle brown-red shine to dark hair-no bleach required!

Every single dye brand we stock is made with the highest quality ingredients designed to nourish and condition your locks.  The best bit?  All of them are vegan and cruelty-free!

Red Hair Colour FAQ

How do I get red hair?

To get bright red tones, you will need to bleach your hair to as light a tone as possible (levels 9-10 for maximum colour payoff).  You can do this with one of Manic Panic's Flash Lightning Bleach kits, which contain everything you need to create a blank slate for your artistic vision.  To keep your hair red for as long as possible, you can use dedicated red shampoos like this and mix a little dye in with your conditioner.  Hair masks such as Nak's Rouge Colour Masque will keep your tone vivid as well as nourishing your locks.

Can I dye my hair red without bleach?

While you won't be able to get a vivid, bright red without prior lightening, you can absolutely add some deep, dark reds to your locks!  If you're afraid to use bleach or only want to add subtle tones, you can use any of our "full coverage" dark reds on light brown hair to achieve a deep, dark red or medium brown and beyond for a beautifully soft brown-red or deep burgundy, depending on the type you choose.

How do remove red colour from my hair?

All semi-permanent dyes will fade from your hair over time with multiple washings-hot water and frequent shampooings will speed up this process.  To remove all colour at once in preparation for a different shade, you can use colour removers like this one or those sold in a pharmacy.