How To Dress Corporate Goth!

How To Dress Corporate Goth!


Are you a goth on the grind, navigating the maze of corporate life while craving the allure of dark, elegant self-expression? Welcome to the realm of corporate goth fashion, where the boardroom meets bewitching style. We understand the struggle of balancing the demands of office attire with your inner gothic spirit. The battle of corporate goth clothing versus strict dress codes can leave you feeling like a phantom in the daylight, but fear not, for there's a way to embrace your gothic essence even in the most conservative of settings.

In this blog, we'll explore the fascinating world of corporate goth fashion, from unique corporate goth looks to subtle corporate goth makeup tricks. Discover how to infuse your office clothing with the essence of dark elegance, redefine goth work outfits, and even find the perfect pair of corporate goth shoes that seamlessly blend style and professionalism. It's time to break the monotony of the corporate dress code and embrace the "corp goth" lifestyle, where goth work clothes meet sophistication, and your daily attire becomes a canvas for your inner gothic artist.

 Putting together the perfect corp goth outfit can feel challenging! Below are a few of our fave corporate goth outfit combinations!

Head Witch In Charge - Formal Corporate Goth

Corporate Gothic Fashion - Punk Rave Tartan Skirt, Punk Rave Blouse and Dolly-09 Demonia Shoes


Category is - formal corporate goth. If your white collar job really means white collar, then we've got the shirt for you. The Phantasma Shirt Dress is a wardrobe essential for any corporate goth. This white blouse can be worn as a top tucked in or as a dress with some cute stockings! We paired this top up with the Guinevere Midi Skirt, the plash of plaid adds a gorgeous gothic detail along with the side pocked and silver hardware. To finish the look we matched up the silver hardware on the Cathedral Wallet and the Gothika-09 Mary Jane Heels, add some cute white socks for an extra detail and you're ready to go from goth to boss! 

Who Run The World? Casual Corp Goth Ghouls


Casual Corporate Goth Fashion, Tragic Beautiful


Laid back office space but still love to add some gothic flair to yer fit? Easy peasy! The Rotten Hollowed Out Top makes for the perfect cute casual work top! The buckle detail ties in to the Darkling Embellished Long Skirt! This stretch-friendly skirt not only fits comfortably but has a gorgeous chain hardware detail in the side split. Comfort is a must when it comes to casual workwear, so the Bratty-07 Chunky Heel Sandals make for the perfect outfit addition along with the stylish Coronaria Handbag!

Wearing The Pants - Literally.

Corporate Goth Outfit - Gothic flares, Gothic Black Blouse

Last but not least, pants and a nice top. The Apophis Bat Collar Blouse is THE corp goth blouse. The bat collar and textured frayed edges make this a complete statement piece on its own. The Auryn Flares being a subtle but stunning piece of clothing with their dual tone texture are the perfect match for this top, and allow the features of this blouse too shine! We also added on the Something Wicked Waspie used to cinch in the waist of this outfit to create an hourglass silhouette. Throw on a pair of Assault-100 Combat Boots for a bit of comfortable height and finish off this hot AF corp goth fit with the Labyrinth Handbag!  

 Now, lets talk makeup.

Corporate Goth Makeup Looks

Corporate Goth Makeup Look

 When it comes to creating makeup looks for your corporate 9-5, you don't have to be boring! We love Wednesday's makeup look in this photo, creating a nice sharp eyeliner wing, and using a nice neutral palette like the Underworld Eyeshadow Palette to create a gorgeous shadow glow of warm browns and purples. Throw on the Zero Hours Brown Matte Lipstick for a gorgeous gothic lip colour and you're good to go!

We hope you've found some useful tips & tricks here and make sure to tag us @tragicb when you post yer corp goth outfits on Instagram! 


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