Surviving Summer: How To Stay Goth In This Heat

Surviving Summer: How To Stay Goth In This Heat

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The sun is the enemy, a truth universally acknowledged by the gothic community. As much as we’d personally love to stay locked up in our crypts and hiss whenever the door opens, we gotta get out sometimes. Summer doesn’t stop for work, school and parties. Plus, outside is where they keep the food.

Stay cool and give a middle finger to that horrible burning orb in the sky with our tips and tricks for keeping our all-black wardrobe going this summer without bursting into flames. After all, no one can tell you how to survive heat better than an Australian goth!


Velvet is a goth’s best friend but, unfortunately, such deliciously soft threads don’t jive with heat and humidity. It’s best to stick with lighter, breathable fabrics such as cotton blends, rayon, viscose and linen while avoiding polyester, which will trap heat.

Give floaty blouses a go or a witchy maxi dress-they come with the bonus of flowing in the wind like you’re some kind of ethereal horror and who *doesn’t* want that in an outfit?!


You have a rockin’ bod and you deserve to show it off! Exposing as much skin as possible will let you catch the breeze, plus it’s a great chance to put yer tatts on display! You can’t go wrong with booty shorts and a crop top, or a tank/singlet if you’re not a fan of shorter lengths.

If you’re not into exposing too much of your body, we totally get it! A pair of bike shorts is super easy to mix and match for casual lewks with a floaty tee! They’re also hands down the best way to prevent that dreaded thigh rub!


Boots, my beloved, I’m so sorry but you’re just not doing it for me in this humidity. If you’re a darkling who can’t quite make their boots work in summer, then it’s high time you dipped your toes into a damn good pair of sandals. Nowadays there’s so many options for gothy sandals and slides, especially from OG Demonia. Like these chonky  WAVE-09 platforms with hearts n chains??? I die. You’ll get just as much fun out of them as you will yer fave boots, just without the sweaty socks!


When long sleeved threads can’t do the talking this season, decorate your flesh prison with all the bling you can find! Jewellery won’t make you break a sweat after all but it’s better to stick with light chains and avoid thick bands like chokers and cuffs.

A good pair of sunnies is an absolute must: stick with a UV protected pair to shield your eyes and block out those weirdos you pass on the street. Also, be sure to complete yer sun safe lewk with a hat: a cap is cute and punk, but a wide brim hat will get you looking witchy enough to hex with a stare!


With summer holidays coming up and a little time off over the silly season, take advantage of some free hours to turn the pages of a really good book. If you want to get lost in the pages of cosmic horror, there’s never been a better time to get started on the Lovecraft mythos.

Check out our full range of summergoth treats here!

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