Deep In The Woods

Deep In The Woods

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Our latest lookbook is a whirlwind of creepy discord. A deep love of the haunting music of Nick Cave's band 'The Birthday Party' inspired us with the lyrics to 'Deep in the Woods'. We went all out with a feel that is a little bit pretty, a little bit serial killer, but imbued with a very dark feminine energy. Besides the knives and masks, we featured a mixture of gorgeous Hepburn styled dresses made from flowing lace and florals, fluffy 50's Hell Bunny petticoats and Lady Vintage tea dress perfection.


Creative Director: Melanie Cramond
Photography/Editing: Tiffany Morrant
Assistant/Creative/Styling: Jacqui Crouch, Cara Starr, Mel Kearns
Models: Carol Larson, ReeRee Phillips, Kayla Maree, Zahlia and Willow
Wardrobe: Tragic Beautiful

Deep in the woods
Deep in the woods
Deep in the woods a funeral is swinging.

Yeah I recognize that girl
She stumbled in some time last loneliness

But I could not stand to touch her now
My one and onlyness.

Deep in the woods
Deep in the woods

  Now the killed waits for the killer
And the trees all nod their heads, they are agreed

This knife feels like a knife feels like a knife that feels like it's feed.

Yeah I recognize that girl
I took her from rags right through to stitches (pray for me now)

Oh baby, tonight we sleep in separate ditches.

Song credits: The Birthday Party - Deep in the Woods. 

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