Bound in Ink Lookbook

Bound in Ink Lookbook

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Enraptured - swept into the pools of your soul. Your depths lure me deeper ... until I am blissfully lost. Enticed and entranced, I surrender to you; Slowly slipping into scintillating shivers.

Image Credits

Photographer: MJB Photography and Design 

Models: Alicia Alexander & the Garage Ink babes

Makeup: JWU Makeup & Azmina Khan

Styling: Melanie Cramond

Editing: Amy Kauler

Wardrobe: Tragic Beautiful

Mary wears Bordello Teeze shoes, Music Legs Metallic Leg Wraps in black and a Lucid Dreaming Pentagram harness.

Tiffany in Fall From Grace Halter Skirt in white by Lip Service, Pleaser shoes,  Spiked Heart Garter in white and pink Sweet Heart Choker.

Teneile is wearing a Punk Rave Vampiria Dress, Luna necklace by Killstar, Serpentine Harness and The Corrupt Ring and Hunt midi Ring from The Rogue + The Wolf.

Juanita is in a Killstar Pentagram Maxi dress. Her ring is the Rune ring in old steel by The Rogue + The Wolf.

Alicia is wearing a  Dark Army Coat by Punk Rave over a Lunar Outlook Body Harness. Her rings are Moonchaser and Corrupt by The Rogue + The Wolf.

Sami is modelling A Haunting Skirt by Widow with a Lucid Dreaming Pentagram Harness.

Karlee Sabrina wears a Lucid Dreaming Pentagram Harness with Gardenia Leggings and a Vampiria Dress from Punk Rave. Whitney is in a Punk Rave Theatre of Tragedy Coat with Killstar Pentagram necklace, Pentagram leg harness and Love Chokes Me collar.

Tori wears a Lunar Outlook Body Harness beneath a Punk Rave Theatre of Tragedy Coat.

Alicia is in a Dark Army Coat from Punk Rave with a heart garter, The Rogue + The Wolf rings and a Lunar Outlook Body Harness. Tori also wears a Lunar Outlook Harness with a Spiked Heart Garter in black and the Theatre of Tragedy Coat from Punk Rave.

Teneile is wearing a Vampiria Dress from Punk Rave, Luna necklace by Killstar, Serpentine Harness and rings from The Rogue + The Wolf.

Castelle models a Killstar Sorcery Hooded Dress and Cthulhu crystal necklace.

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