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Pleaser Shoes

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Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser is the iconic titan of high-quality sexy footwear.  Their craftsmanship and mind-boggling range are second to none, offering a multitude of platform heels and boots designed for comfort and performance.  Their reputation is well deserved, being beloved by dancers and celebrities like Lady Gaga alike, you may have even seen your favourite queens sporting a pair on Drag Race!

Pleaser Shoes come in petite and extended sizes to suit all feet, and Tragic Beautiful stocks all sizes to ensure everyone can feel their best, sexy self!  Best of all, most of these gorgeous shoes are totally vegan, made of quality PU that will last you many years.


Whether you're new to dancing, need a killer pair of pole heels or want to tower over everyone in wicked platforms, Pleaser has a style to suit you!  There are more traditional heel and ankle boot styles as well as knee-high and super gorgeous thigh-high boots. We also have a range of clear slides and heels for figure competitions.

We recommend that beginners start with 6 or 7-inch heels such as the popular Adore, Delight or Sky series. More experienced dancers should check out the popular Flamingo range, or go with the extra tall Beyond or Xtreme range if you're looking to dress for a glamorous photoshoot. 

We recommend that newbies practice walking in their new heels at home, heel to toe to get used to the height and strengthen those ankles.  The shoe should fit tight to the foot to ensure a secure fit, but the material will mould to your foot over time.  Pleaser soles are plush and comfortable for hours of wear and the platforms are light for easy lifting on the pole.

Pleaser shoes aren't just for fitness, though!  If you're feeling naughty or want to put together a glamorous outfit, there's a huge range of styles covered in glitter, suede, chrome, rhinestones and rainbows that glow under blacklight!  We love the unicorn and mermaid heels that bring fantasy to life, plus the spooky Rapture skull heels and punk Irongrip brass knuckle boots for badass goths! 

Our awesome Tragics can choose from our in-stock selection or preorder their faves using a huge range of payment options with the option to pick up in-store.