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Rockstar Wigs

Rockstar Wigs

When you're not brave enough to change your hair with dye or a haircut, wigs are the perfect way to change up your look! Rockstar Wigs are famous for their high quality yet affordable wigs, all of which are suitable for heat styling and made to last so you can create big teased & unique looks for years to come. 

Rockstar Wig styles come in a wide variety of natural shades, pastel tints and rainbow colours at different lengths including bob, shoulder-length, waist length and even cropped in straight, wavy and curly finishes. This means that they're not only perfect for parties, fancy dress and costumes, but they're fantastic for completing any Lolita, retro, pin-up and rockabilly outfit. In addition to traditional wigs, Rockstar also offers lace front styles to ensure a seamless finish.

Rockstar Wigs are loved by cosplayers as they're so easy to style, last many years and travel well.  They're a favourite of drag queens and drag performers, you may even have seen a wig or two on Drag Race! Some of their most popular styles include the Farrah, Uptown Girl, Bella, Yaki and Peek-A-Boo ranges which come in a wide variety of shades.



If you have short hair above shoulder length, simply spray and pin back your hair. If you have longer hair, braid it as close to your head as possible and pin it up. Slip on a wig cap to help give the wig traction and tame flyaways.

Now to put on the wig: straighten it out, place the front hairline flush with your own and slip it on from there.  Adjust until it feels comfortable and start pinning it discreetly. You can also use wig tape to keep it extra secure!


It's best to keep the wig in the hair net included in the package.  For travel, preventing tangles and keeping their shape, it's also best to store them on a mannequin or wig head when not in use. 

Washing your wig will depend on the fibre content, as most Rockstar Wigs are synthetic you will need to use a gentle shampoo as standard products can contain damaging chemicals.  First, soak your wig in shampoo and water.  Then, comb the shampoo out of the wig gently and then rinse under warm water.