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Victorian & Steampunk Clothing

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Victorian & Steampunk Clothing

Complete your Victorian and Steampunk aesthetics at Tragic Beautiful! We stock vintage-inspired pieces of clothing, accessories and footwear in lace, velvet, copper, brass and more to complete your aesthetic. Check out designs from popular brands Killstar, Banned Apparel, Alchemy GothicRestyle, Demonia, Funtasma, & more!



Steampunk is a fashion aesthetic, subculture and subgenre of science fiction inspired by the technology and fashion of the 19th century. Steampunk imagines an alternate history in which society is built on using steam as the primary energy source, with motifs like cogs, analogue clocks, screws, machines and gears in shades of bronze, copper and brown being the most popular. Steampunk Goth is a popular offshoot of steampunk, incorporating elements of gothic fashion.


Because steampunk is inspired by the fashion trends of the 19th century, particularly Victorian England, you can build your steampunk wardrobe with corsets, bustiers, long bustle skirts, blouses, bloomers and waistcoats. Victorian style boots in brown, black or cream as well as mules and kitten heels are the most popular styles of footwear. Accessories include cameo brooches and pendants, velvet chokers, goggles, pocket watches, top hats and canes.

For inspiration, popular Victorian and steampunk influences include films like Alice in Wonderland, musicians like Steam Powered Giraffe and Emilie Autumn, and tv shows like Penny Dreadful.