Strength Tarot Card Reading


Before unpacking your order, focus on the purpose of this reading. Are you seeking insight into your career? Your love life? Finances?

When you open your package, pay close attention: the position the card lays in relative to your body when you first spot it will determine whether your card is upright or reversed. If your card is code side up when you first see it, flip it over quickly to let your intuition speak for you.

A single card pull can reveal much about your current state. When you first saw it, what was your immediate reaction? This is your inner voice speaking, a powerful guide providing you with the most important information you need to know upfront. Meditate on this reaction while you reflect on the reading; we suggest making notes in a journal to see if there are any patterns with subsequent card pulls. If you’ve received a sample of our teas, take heed of these readings as you perform your ritual as your card’s guidance will help you manifest your goals.


You hold a great power inside you: you’re a pillar of strength in your family group and it’s helped you succeed in life thus far. Be careful not to let your forceful natural take over completely, you need to work in harmony with these instincts to so you can act with care as well as courage. This is incredibly important regarding your relationship with your partner as well as your colleagues, you don’t want to drown out their input so have patience as they may present you with a path you never would have encountered on your own.

Discovering the Strength card twice in upright position shows you’re being ruled by one strong Emotion. We all experience anger, sadness and fear in small measures every day but having one raw emotional state ruling over your daily life may cause you to act out in response. This will only lead to regret and intensify this negativity, take a moment to collect yourself and allow yourself the patience and forgiveness you would provide a dear friend in need.


Seeing the success of those around you while your own lot may seem less impressive in comparison can really drag you down. You may be struggling through a depressive period with these repeated comparisons weighing heavily on your sense of worth. Always remember that we only see what others want us to see, these perceived powerhouses of success have their own struggles and may eve look upon you in envy as we all have different virtues to offer the world. Take some time to look over all the wonderful things in your life, the friendships that enrich you and how far you’ve come beyond previous struggles. Life is not a race, we all run a different speeds on our own branching paths.

Encountering the Strength card twice in reverse is a hint that your fears are starting to get the better of you. While it’s healthy to tread with caution in your career and in financial matters, you are more than equipped than you think to slay the work game! It’s time to realise just how capable you are and start gunning for the success you deserve!