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Witch Herbs

Witch Herbs


Stock up your apothecary or dip your toes into herbal alchemy with Tragic Beautiful's extensive range of herbs! We stock the essential ingredients for potions, poultices, mojo bags, wreaths and smoke cleansing. For those interested in pre-mixed herbs, our handmade blends are suitable for a variety of purposes and provide stronger results than using single herbs.



Herbalism is an ancient and proud tradition in the history of witchcraft and is practised today by modern Wiccans and Pagans. Herbs are essential for spellwork and in many cases, herbal alchemy simply requires the knowledge of what they do and how to use them.  Herbs can be used for healing, conjure, banishment and cleansing rituals to invite luck, good fortune, confidence and love into your life.

Herbs can be burnt on a charcoal disk in a cauldron or incense burner, placed in an offering bowl upon an altar, mixed into herb blends or potions or cast into a bonfire. Their use depends on the specific spell or ritual as well as which tradition you're following. If you're unsure where to start, there's plenty of reading material available to guide you on your journey.


Here are the suggested meanings and uses of some popular ritual herbs:

Agrimony– ancient herb of healing, restoration, and benevolent protection
Birch Bark – new beginnings, psychic protection, strength, devotion, the Goddess
Blessed Thistle– consecration, protection, healing, and cleansing by fire
Burdock Root – warding, cleansing, uncrossing, and counter-magick
Calendula – solar rites, divination, remembrance, honoring the dead
Catnip – love-drawing, relaxation, trance work, feline magick
Damiana– lust, sex magick, psychic abilities, energy work, spirit quests
Devil's Claw - protection, exorcism, banishing spells, keeping away evil
Hibiscus – love and passion, independence, confidence
Meadowsweet – the sacred flower of Spring, the Maiden, and the Underworld
Mistletoe – good luck, love and money spells, many traditional charms
Mugwort– scrying, divination, psychic ability, lucid dreaming, Lunar magick
Mullein – protection, illumination, courage, hedge-crossing, Crone magick
Nettle – courage, consecration, protection, healing, deterring evil
Peppermint – healing, purification, psychic awareness, love, and energy
Raspberry Leaf – love and enjoyment, tempting others, divination
Rose – charms of love and beauty, harmony, divination, Goddess rites
Rosemary – cleansing, purification, vitality, wisdom, protection
White Sage – cleansing, house blessing, meditation, healing
White Willow Bark – solace, wisdom, long-lasting love, divination, Lunar magick
Witch Hazel – comfort and healing, wisdom, protection, soothing of anger
Wormwood – psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes and curses, reversal magick
Yarrow – ancient medicinal flower used for courage, divination, good fortune

All of the herbs listed above can be found in our store in secure, airtight pouches. Please use caution with herbs and don't take them internally without proper research and guidance.