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August 26, 2021

Emotional Healing Spell

Emotional Healing Spell

This ritual is aimed at those who are seeking strength in a time of emotional labour or distress.

It is best performed on a Sunday - which is cosmically connected to the colour yellow, though it can be performed anytime. Yellow is known to muster emotional strength and dexterity. We call on the healing powers of the amethyst to bring us clarity and strength. 

Ingredients & tools

Witch Blended Spell Jar | Emotional Healing
Cast Iron Pentagram Cauldron
Eternal Flame Spell Candles | Yellow
Amethyst Cluster - Jumbo

This sacrament is going to involve some low heat or mild flame. Always be careful when handling these items and never leave a flame unattended. This spell should be cast in a silent space or a place with only natural sounds (eg birds, water, etc).

Emotional healing spell altar

The Ritual

  1. Take your emotional healing spell jar. While breaking the wax seal recite the following incantation:

    "I am Strong.
    Set me free.
    Healing calm - come follow me"

  2. Recite the incantation a further 2 times while also lighting a small yellow ritual candle. Allow to burn and use some drops of wax to secure the candle to the bottom of your cauldron, burner or ritual bowl.

  3. Place the contents of the spell jar around the candle, into the chosen vessel.

    You do not need to use the whole mixture - a little bit goes a long way.

  4. Add your amethyst shard or chip to the bowl.

    If you are not using a small stone the mixture jar can be passed over an amethyst item before adding it to the bowl. Alternatively you may stir with an amethyst wand.  

  5. Allow the candle to burn halfway. Before blowing out the candle - recite the emotional healing incantation once again.

    If the candle extinguishes on its own - do not light again. The extinguishing of the flame signifies the ritual is complete.

    If you have any personal passage to end a spell - you may use it here.

  6. Allow candle and wax to cool.

  7. After the mixture is safe to handle, Remove the remaining candle and use it to mix the Spell contents with the wax.

  8. Dispense into a new jar or container. Add the un-lit candle to the mixture once again.

    The Ritual must always stay complete and whole.

  9. Seal the new jar.

  10. This ritual may be repeated with the jar contents as needed. You may keep adding new candles and ingredients to the spell, though always keep the original wax and herb mixture within it.

The only part of the Spell jar that can be separated is the amethyst. it can be carried with you when needed and recharged in the Full moon within its jar with the complete spell. 

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