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Self-Love Spell

November 11, 2021

Self Love Spell

Self-love is self care! The magickal properties of jasmine are used for this spell, aiding you to boost your confidence, allowing you to see your own beauty and eliminating self-doubt.

It is best performed on a new moon, allowing you to set your intentions for the coming month.

The Altar

Jasmine Buds | Witchcraft Herbs
Pentacle Copper Offering Bowl With Base

Before beginning, fill your bowl half full with water and find a comfortable place to sit on the floor - preferably with a view of the new moon. Or try casting it outdoors, in contact with the earth and under the full influence of the moon.  Place all ingredients and tools in front of you.  

Self love spell altar

The Ritual

  1. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths

  2. Open your eyes and place the rose quartz into the water

  3. Crush some jasmine in your fingers and breathe in the scent of the flowers until the scent fills you and calms you

  4. Sprinkle the flowers into the water and continue to breathe in the scent

  5. Pick up the mirror and hold it in front of you

  6. While breathing in the scent of the jasmine, focus on looking at yourself and letting go of your perceived flaws and imperfections

    Imagine the negativity you feel about yourself draining from your body, and being replaced with love and care

  7. When you feel full of self-love, look into your eyes in the mirror and repeat this chant three times:

    “I am strong
    I am valuable
    I am infinitely capable
    I love myself just as I am
    So Mote it Be”

  8. Put the mirror down and clap your hands three times to end the spell

  9. Repeat as often as you feel you need

OPTIONAL:  Remove the crystal and strain the water. keep in a jar or spray bottle to anoint yourself or your living space for a boost of self-love throughout the month. 

Adapted from Wicca Now