A Witch’s Welcome To The New Year

A Witch’s Welcome To The New Year

Say hello to 2022 the witchy way!
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It’s time for a whole new year! The Pagan calendar doesn’t tick over on the 31st but the Gregorian calendar rules our work and academic lives so it’s best to prepare! Here’s a few things you can do to ensure you’re as ready for 2022 as you possibly can be as.

Plus, keep reading to peep a ritual for you to perform on the upcoming new moon on January 2nd!


Ask yourself what you want to get out of 2022. I'm not talking about New Years resolutions about trying new hobbies or going to the gym, I mean, is this a year for family? Are you trying to flourish in your career or on your academic path? Are you trying to invite wealth into your life? Assess what you want out of 2022 to improve your life as a whole as this will allow you to set your intentions as we transition into the new year. It's no good stepping out without a firm eye on what you want (and frankly deserve!)


Shuck off the lingering negative influences from 2021 to set the tone and invite positivity into the new year. You can do this by smudging with purifying herbs like sage or alternatives such as cedar, whose properties allow grounding and joy when involved with personal transformation, ideal for transitioning into the new year. Pass the smoke over yourself and each corner of your home, maintaining a positive mindset as you do so. Be sure to also cleanse your tools and sentimental items!


Once you've set your intentions, it's a good idea to ask what hurdles and boons may lie in store for you. Make it a whole event: get your fellow witches together on New Year's Eve and have a group tarot reading or pendulum consultation. Cast runes together or even try out crystal scrying! Make a note of your results in a diary so you can refer back to them throughout the year and make time to prepare for any forecast obstacles.


Finally, we have a spell to properly invite peace and harmony into your sacred space! This spell is taken from the book Spellcraft for a Magickal Year by Sarah Bartlett, one of our bestselling books that contains a helpful variety of spells and rituals to celebrate traditions from cultures around the world as well as all-purpose rituals.

This weaving spell is to be performed during the new moon invokes Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and justice, who will lend her power tp help to weave love and wisdom into your home. 

You will need the following:

  • A white cloth of cotton, silk, or linen measuring 60cm long and 30cm wide
  • 3 red candles
  • 3 yellow candles
  • 3 silk ribbons around 60cm long
  • 3 yellow ribbons around 60cm long

These colours are important as they represent Athena's elements: fire and air.

Lay the white cloth upon your altar or any surface that can be left undisturbed for 3 days. Place the 3 red candles to the left of the cloth and the 3 yellow to the right.

Take one red and two yellow ribbons, knotting them at one end, and braid them to the other, tying a second knot to secure them. Lay this braid upon the cloth and then do the same with the remaining ribbons, creating a total of 3 braids.

Light the candles, saying the following words as you do:

“I call on you, Athena,

to be my guide today

To help me weave blessing

and harmony

Upon my home,


Now, hold one braid in each hand, holding them above the altar cloth and taking care to not singe them with the candles. As you hold them up, say:

“With woven ribbons my home is safe

With woven threads comes love and peace

With woven colours yellow and red

I now invoke Athena’s grace

To make this home the perfect place” 

Finally, blow out your candles and place the braided ribbons back on the altar cloth for three days and nights to bring Athena’s harmonious influence to your home.

Want more spells to perform throughout the year and make the most of 2022? Check out the Tragic Spellbook here!

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