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Cast the stones and seek guidance with our unique range of rune sets! Learn this ancient form of divination that uses the Norse Futhark alphabet etched into genuine crystals like lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz and obsidian or ethically sourced wooden tiles made in Australia. Discover more about the practice with our range of detailed guide books that will introduce you to the practice and teach you how to interpret each symbol.

Our rune sets make wonderful gifs to lovers of divination, witchcraft, Viking and Norse history with each pack coming with a leaflet on the meanings of the stones so even absolute beginners can get started right away!



Norse runes are etched with the Futhark alphabet which consists of 24 symbols and are used to tap into the Higher Self to seek guidance and insight.  

For beginners, it's best to start with the 3 rune layout. To do this, simply draw 3 runes from your bag and lay them alongside one another in front of you. The runes should be placed right to left in order of drawing (3,2,1).

The first rune represents the question you've posed or the situation you're addressing. The second rune represents a challenge and the third represents a possible action to take to reach a solution.