October 04, 2014

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the night, tonight is Halloween! Checkout our exclusive Halloween Look Book and range here.
Image Credits
Photographer:A Photo by GD 
Model and Makeup: Victoria Campbell
Touch-up and eyes: Morgan Leigh
Wardrobe, Styling: Tragic Beautiful
Editing: Amy Kauler
Want this makeup look? Victoria wears Lime Crime Cherry on Top Pink Carousel Lip Gloss and Concrete Minerals Revolver Eyeshadow. Click to add them to your collection.
Victoria wears a Theatre of Tragedy Coat and Punk Rave Mirabilis Leggings. Love it? Get the look here.


Put this style together with an RQ-BL Black Beaded Collar. 

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Victoria wears a Theatre of Tragedy Coat and RQ-BL Black Beaded Collar. Click to add to your collection.

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Victoria wears a Theatre of Tragedy Coat, RQ-BL Black Beaded Collar and Punk Rave Mirabilis Leggings. Click to add to your collection.


Punk Rave Mirabilis Leggings complete this outfit.



To complete a look like this, you will need the following:

  • Horns: You can buy Maleficent Horns online. We recommend ETSY for high quality handmade horns suited to your shape.
  • Staff: You will need a staff, which is a key element to Maleficent's look. We made our own staff by buying a black rod from Spotlight and adding a rubber ball to the top. We then glued it all together and sprinkled some black and green glitter for a pretty awesome effect! Low cost and easy to do!
  • Contacts were from crazycontacts.com.au - try to find the greenest ones you can for maximum effect