Bath Rituals

Bath Rituals

Bathing rituals are an ancient way to cleanse yourself, on the inside and out, of negative energies and help prepare your physical, mental and spiritual self for circle or other workings. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself and can be performed with many variations and many end results. Some witches use purifying baths before their rituals, some as a daily ritual in itself, others use attraction baths for things they need or want. You've probably seen references to these bathing rituals in homemade grimoires, books of shadows or books of mirrors.

Rituals are very personal and no two rituals are alike, so there is no wrong or right way to perform them. If it feels right to you and you are happy with your actions, that is all you need. We have prepared some ritual bath kits to help assist you and make it easier.

This is a broad guide to a type of Bath Ritual. You can change, add to, or completely ignore and do your own. This is a suggestion based on what has worked for us.

Clean your space. Make sure your room is clean, peaceful and lighted to your preference. Cleanse with whatever cleansing tools you have at hand and prefer. We have included copal resin and Palo Santo holy wood in our ritual kits to burn but you can also use sage or other cleansing tools. Set your mood while you do this.

Put your herbs, salts, oils, crystals in your bath as you run warm/hot water over them. Let the water infuse. (Our kits have combined mixtures designed for specific intents, and a general purify and cleanse which can be used for any intention with the addition of extra herbs, or as a general cleanse). 

While running your bath, as the steam starts to mist the air, think about the purpose of your ritual. What is your desired result? Is this a cleansing ritual? Welcoming and honouring a new season or occasion? Banishing, repelling, protection, changing a habit or state of mind? Invoking or evoking spirit guides, elements, or an offering ritual? A drawing ritual? Once you have determined the purpose write it down. Visualise and focus upon it, keeping it in mind throughout.

Light your candles after anointing them with oil if required.

Step naked into the bath and allow yourself to become grounded and focussed. Hold your crystal in your hands. Centre yourself and be strong, confident and focus on your ritual work through your mind’s eye. Go through the actions and see the end result in your mind, build your energy up. Meditate and focus on your intention. If you have words or phrases you like to say or chant, do it now.

When you are ready you can complete the ritual by blowing out your candles and stepping out of the bath. You may want to try any of your divination tools if you wish, for further advice while you are so open.

Good luck! Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Rituals can be as simple as lighting a candle.

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