Black Friday Mystery Boxes

Black Friday Mystery Boxes

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It’s Not a Mystery Anymore.

It’s that time of year again! BLACK FRIDAY WEEK!

All this week we will be offering discounts and specials to our valued customers, as well as a massive treat on Black Friday itself. We've got a huge array of offers this week so there will be something for everyone.  Check the site daily, sign up for our newsletter, and join our Facebook VIP group for first dibs on all the sales and offers! 


10% off all shoes and boots, even on sale item s PLUS added discounts on all in-stock shoes and boots. 


15% off all books in our collection! 


10% off all products in our beauty collection. Includes hair dye, wigs, makeup & bath & body products!


10% off all products in our lifestyle collection

Black Friday Mystery Boxes

For Black Friday itself, we didn’t want to do the same old thing that gets done every year – we wanted to do something fun, different and completely new. We brainstormed ideas for weeks. We came up with a multitude of great products and items we could bring in or have made, and all of them were awesome. Then one day it just hit us – WHY NOT EVERYTHING?! And so our first every mystery boxes are being created.  

Will your mystery box contain one of these hand crafted crystal hair slides? 

There will be an extremely limited number of these available.

The boxes are very much our signature style and will be for sale at A$129 each ($88 USD), with a minimum value of A$200! That's just the minimum. This also includes shipping in Australia and New Zealand. International shipping will be just $29.95 ($20 USD).  We went a little overboard in our excitement searching for things you'd love that most of the boxes exceed the minimum value. Several of them by a LOT.

What's in the box? 

Custom made herbal tea blends are just one of the many unique products in our mystery boxes!

These are not a way for us to clear out old stock. Almost all of the items are products we've never sold before, may never sell again, and many have been custom-made just for our mystery boxes. We have had stuff made for us by local artists and creators and support small, ethical businesses. 

We can’t wait to see all these being unboxed and pics posted in our VIP page and on social media! Cannot wait.

Customer box reveal


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