Grey Out

Grey Out

Grey hair used to be something everyone would want to cover up or pretend it didn't exist, which was a shame because silver & grey are just as awesome as black. After a slow burn then tidal wave of popularity - we're so pumped to now see more and more silver and grey shades of hair dye hit the market, and all the stunning looks being created around it. Whether a straight up colour, or blended with pastels, used as a stark contrast in a two-tone with a bright or dark colour, or mixed into another shade like blue to create your own shade of lavender, there's so much you can do with grey hair dye. Two of our fave new shades are from Manic Panic - Silver Stiletto and Alien Grey.  

manic panic silver stiletto

Manic Panic Silver Stiletto hairdye

Check out the range of different results you can get with just one hairdye colour! Click here or on any of the images to shop our range of silver and grey hairdye, pastelizers, creamtones and other shades that look great with this base colour. 

@Timaree Manic Panic Silver Stiletto

@@Timaree uses Manic Panic Silver Stiletto hairdye to give her locks an ultra ashy look

@Vikiscissorhands Manic Panic Silver Stiletto Raven

@Vikiscissorhands also uses Manic Panic Silver Stiletto, but with Raven in a harlequin look

@_HeyHelena Manic Panic Silver Stiletto Lie Lock

@_HeyHelena blended Manic Panic Silver Stiletto with Lie Lock, for this awesome lavender effect

@Corey.Cut.Color silver stiletto with creamtones

@Corey.Cut.Color uses Silver Stiletto with Manic Panic creamtones for this luscious pastel look 


@tsunamiimami uses Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream and Purple Haze with Silver Stiletto 

Manic Panic Alien Grey hairdye


@yoshiyaxxx uses Manic Panic Alien Grey darkened with a charcoal tone and highlighted with Vampire Red


@shear.gemini took Alien Grey in the opposite direction by mixing it with pastelizer


@canasumushi used Manic Panic shades Alien Grey with a stripe of Tiger Lily to highlight


@Gass.y created this two-tone look with Alien Grey and Raven from Manic Panic

We love seeing what blends you guys come up with so @ us on insta @tragicb  with your latest hairdye invention.

All images used are from @manicpanicnyc. Visit their instagram for more details.  

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