Introducing Our Latest Tragic Exclusives

Introducing Our Latest Tragic Exclusives

Drenched in the shadows of gothic culture and influenced by the raw power of metal, the fervour of Christcore, and the timeless tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, our new collection transcends the ordinary. We've infused elements of streetwear, skate fashion, and alternative culture, creating a tapestry of garments that resonate with rebellion and self-expression.

Crafted by the Brisbane artist Brydie Margarita, these bewitching pieces include oversized T-shirts, crop tees, tracksuits, and sweatshirts, meticulously curated to embody the essence of Tragic Beautiful. These products are a creation that start with Brydie's vision, then go through a meticulous process to get them from concept to your bod. Our graphics whizz Bri transforms Brydie's ideas (sometimes they're just scribbles, other time's they just need Bri's magic touch) into print-ready designs. Then, our small manufacturer constructs the garments - hand-sewing and screenprinting each piece. We spent a lot of time and effort sourcing the perfect partner company to work with, and although it means our margins are smaller we are stoked to work with a company that aligns with our ethical framework so well. People over profits - always.

When choosing the fabrics we looked for quality and durability with the blackest of blacks (of course). We were surprised by how many blacks aren't actually black when we were sampling. 

Sizing inclusivity is not just a checkbox; it's a commitment. Our new range of Tragic Beautiful exclusives spans from XS to 5XL, ensuring that every body can enjoy the range. We have seen so many alt brands stop their sizing at 2XL, and we strived to be better & do better, ensuring accessible gothic plus size clothing for more ghouls that want them. 

When we started this project our small team worked on patterning to ensure this range was designed properly to fit every body. We didn't want to purchase ready made 'blank' shirts to print on like many brands do, we found these lacked in diversity and were not plus friendly. Instead, we spent time and effort researching and developing the patterns that make our clothing. This means that a 5XL isn't just a scaled up XS that doesn't suit plus size bodies, it is a different set of measurements tailored to a 5XL body.

Last Rites Hoodie & Sweatpants

The juxtaposition of streetwear & christcore marry together harmoniously within the threads of the Last Rites Hoodie & Sweatpants. Don't get it twisted, the sinister swagger of this gothic tracksuit isn't to be outshone by the buttery soft texture of these pieces. Hand to God - once you slip into this tracksuit, you'll never want to take it off. 

Photo of Brydie & Savannah wearing the Last Rites Hoodie & Sweatpants

We like to pair this gothic hoodie & sweatpants combo with a pair of Shaker-70 Platform Boots and Mistreated Crossbody Bag for the cosy goth on the go!

 Find the Plus Size listing for the Last Rides Hoodie here & the Last Rites Sweatpants here

Tragic Sk8r Oversized T-Shirts

Our oversized Tragic T-shirts are for the goths & ghouls who always loved the skater aesthetic but didn't want to be called a poser! These tees provide a unique twist on a familiar style, designed to be comfortably oversized, these shirts are ideal for layering over fishnet stockings or thigh high socks and paired with chunky Demonia boots such as the Swing-815 Platform Knee High Boots.

With their effortlessly cool vibe and distinctive design, these oversized skater shirts are the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort or style.

Photo of Savannah wearing the Tragic Pink & Green Oversized T-Shirts

The Tragic Sk8r Tees come in both hot pink & or classic Tragic Beautiful green to suite any aesthetic!

Find the Pink Oversized Tee plus size listing here & Green Oversized Tee plus size listing here

Angel Crop Tee

The Angel Crop Tee combines the ethereal charm of angels with a bold metal aesthetic, creating a striking juxtaposition that's sure to turn heads. With the word "Angel" emblazoned across the front in a fierce death metal font, this tee effortlessly merges softness and edge. The high neckline and relaxed fit offer both comfort and style and give this gothic crop tee the perfect shape to mix in match into all your outfits!

 Flatlay featuring the Angel Crop tee

Dress down the Angel Crop Tee with a set of bike shorts and chunky Neptune-181 Platform Ankle Boots for your every day ghoul-on-the-go style, or dress up with our Dark Aura Midi Skirt and Wave-200 Knee High Platform Boots for an elevated style!

 Find the plus size Angel Crop Tee listing here

Let Love Kill You Sweatshirt

Hopeless romantics of the world unite, the Let love Kill you Sweatshirt is THE gothic romantic sweatshirt to add to your wardrobe. A hauntingly beautiful tribute to the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet. With the poignant message 'Let Love Kill You', this sweatshirt encapsulates the tragic allure of forbidden love. This sweatshirt is as buttery and soft as the Last Rites hoodie, however a smaller fit, so if you're chasing oversized, you'll need to size up!

The Let Love Kill You Sweatshirt on Brydie & Savannah

We'd recommend styling this with the Daiyu Mini Skirt, Doll Parts Net Tights and the Kera-150 Platform Ankle Boots, you can add a white frilly ankle or scrunch sock to tie in the white print of the sweatshirt. 

 Find the Plus Size listing here.

Tragic Green & Pink Crop Tees

If oversized shirts aren't for you - we've got you covered! No need to take to the scissors and do a DIY, the green & pink Tragic tees come in the same relaxed high neck crop fit, similar to the angel crop tee! These crops take us back to our emo roots, and in honour of that we recommend styling them with the Battle Ready Pleated Skirt, the Raven Leg Warmers in black paired with the Zero Hours Arm Warmers and finishing off the look with the Swing-105 Platform Ankle Boots and the Mathurine Beret - Mwah! Cheer up emo kid!

 Savannah in the Tragic Sk8r Pink & Green Crop Tees

Find the Pink Crop Tee plus size listing here & Green Crop Tee plus size listing here

Check out the whole range here! Have you found something you loved here but unsure of what size to get? Jump on our live chat on the website or email so we can help you find your perfect fit!

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